Facts Tell, Stories Sell + Getting to the Essence (2 Half-Day Workshops)

Facts Tell, Stories Sell + Getting to the Essence (2 Half-Day Workshops)

Mid-conference workshops of #BABEYOND20 presented by Lori Silverman and Alec Sharp

25 March 2020 (9h30-17h30)
Location: Crowne Plaza Le Palace (Brussels City Center)
Presented in English by Lori Silverman and Alec Sharp
Price: 600 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:

Facts Tell, Stories Sell: Moving From Data to Decision and Action

Our half-day workshop with Lori Silverman (Shift Strategist, Founder and CEO, Partners for Progress®):

Companies are spending huge amounts of time, energy and money on collecting, cleaning, analysing and reporting on data, without having an overall process to turn this data into new insights, insights into good decisions, and decisions into meaningful actions.

Lori Silverman will present a collaborative step-by-step approach for doing this correctly in her workshop on March 25th in Brussels.

Lori is the author of 3 books: "Stories Trainers Tell", "Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over, and "Business Storytelling for Dummies". With her third bestseller, she really solidified her thought leadership in the field.

Have you been asked to communicate a business case steeped in data?

Do you need to keep people energized and engaged while sharing a bunch of numbers?

Are you trying to transform analytical results into information that's meaningful and gets people to make a decision and do something different?

It's not enough to wrap graphics and fancy data visualizations around data and deliver them in a dashboard, report, or PowerPoint presentation. All data has a voice. How do you get it to speak? To be heard? And to motivate people to do something different?

First, you need to extrapolate meaning from data. Then you must transform this meaning - these insights - into compelling stories that move people to shift their thinking and change their behavior. Learn what's needed to transform data to more easily get your point across - get decisions made faster - and spark action.

Lori Silverman invites you to watch her short video about this workshop:

By attending this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Outline the decision/problem the data is answering in a way that resonates with stakeholders’ business needs
  • Identify the contextual questions that need to be asked to move team members and stakeholders from data to insight
  • Uncover three different types of insights within data from the observations that present themselves
  • Strategize how to best relay insights to others to more quickly spark a decision and action

Getting to the Essence: How to Get to the 'What' Beyond the 'Who' and 'How'

A half-day workshop with Alec Sharp (Senior Consultant, Clariteq Systems Consulting):

The half-day workshop "Getting to the Essence" by Alec Sharp offers business analysts practical and proven techniques for focusing on the what first (the events, entities, activities, processes), rather than on the who and how. Backed by so many real-life examples, this is going to be a very worthwhile workshop on business-oriented hashtag#businessanalysis. See you in Brussels ?

In his landmark article, 'No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering', Fred Brooks made the point that business analysis will always be challenging. Why? Because it's relatively easy to describe the 'who' and 'how' of the current state – this person does something using that tool, then that person does something using another tool, and so on.

What's difficult – often very difficult – is figuring out what is actually being accomplished. And that makes building a useful future state almost impossible. Sometimes, our business clients are so immersed in their job and how they do it they've literally lost sight of what is really being done. That's why the speaker has concluded, after more than 35 years of business analysis, a fundamental ability of great BAs is separating the 'what' from the 'who', 'how', and 'why'.

Backed up by numerous real-life examples, this tutorial will provide practical techniques and frameworks for getting to the essence in a variety of business analysis challenges.

Alec explains what to expect from this workshop in a short video:

Key learning points include demonstrating how getting to the essence helps by:

  • Keeping people from diving into unhelpful detail while analyzing the "as-is" state
  • Making your use cases / user stories more useful, and not drifting into the Useless Case" zone
  • Ensuring evaluation and selection of purchased solutions ("COTS") is focused on "what" must be provided to support the business
  • Freeing people from barnacle-like attachment to the current state during organisational or process change initiatives

Who presents these workshops ?

These workshops are presented by Lori Silverman and Alec Sharp.

Lori has helped firms like McDonalds, Target, GE, and Phillips North America strategize about their future and navigate messy, complex changes. She keynoted at more than 80 events and inspired thousands to take action.

Alec has deep expertise in a rare combination of fields - business process analysis and redesign, strategy development, application requirements specification, and data modelling. His 35 years of hands-on consulting experience, practical approaches, and global reputation in model-driven methods have made him a sought-after resource around the world.

Workshop timing

8h30 - 9h30
Registration, coffee/tea and light breakfast
9h30 - 13h00
Morning Workshop: Facts Tell, Stories Sell: Moving From Data to Decision and Action (Lori Silverman
13h00 - 14h00
Lunch Break in the Hotel
14h00 - 17h30
Afternoon Workshop: Getting to the Essence: How to Get to the 'What' Beyond the 'Who' and 'How' (Alec Sharp)
End of this Workshop Day

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