Business Continuity: Integration & Governance

Business Continuity: Integration & Governance

Key Success Factors for Effective and Efficient Business Continuity Management

20 November 2008 (14-21)
Location: Pullman Diegem (Diegem)
Presented in English
Price: 590 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Why do we organize this seminar ?

Many private and public organisations have initiated a Business Continuity Management (BCM) project to prepare for an unplanned event that would cause a major disruption of operations. Although many of these projects mitigate part of the risks related to the continuity of their operations, they may fail to ensure that all processes and crisis scenarios that are highly critical for the organisation have been covered. In addition, BCM is very often not embedded into the organisation and is a one-time effort; as a result, Business Continuity Plans are outdated. Furthermore, many BCM projects are not efficient and take more time to complete than originally foreseen.

Questions answered in this seminar

This seminar addresses typical pitfalls in BCM projects and typical shortcomings in traditional BCM approaches. This seminar intends to:

  • Give you a clear picture of what Business Continuity Management is and what the different components are
  • Give an overview of where organisations across the globe are in terms of business continuity
  • Give a comprehensive view on BCM regulations and standards such as BS 25999
  • Help you understand how to ensure proper governance over Business Continuity
  • Outline which benefits BCM can deliver
  • Give you an understanding of how Business Continuity Management could be integrated into IT processes
  • Give an overview of the current trends with regards to Business Continuity Management

Who should attend this seminar ?

Anyone seeking to understand the business continuity risks, seeking an overview of the challenges and solutions when building a Business Continuity Management process:

  • Business managers, for a better understanding of the issues
  • BCM project leaders, for obtaining a global picture and understanding the issues and solutions
  • Auditors seeking to obtain assurance
  • Risk and Internal Control managers wanting to mitigate business continuity risks
  • IT managers in search of a reality check

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