The Data Vault Modelling & Data Governance Conference

The Data Vault Modelling & Data Governance Conference

One-day conference with 2 parallel tracks: one on data vault modelling and one on data governance

17 October 2019 (9h30-17h30)
Location: Parker Hotel (Diegem)
Presented in English by Opening keynote, closing keynote, and 10 half-hour presentations in between
Price: 550 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:
9h30 Words of Welcome by the Conference Chairmen
9h45 Opening Keynote: The Data Empire Strikes Back
(Pierre Marchand - Chief Data Officer at Keytrade Bank)

This presentation contains Pierre's view on the evolution in data management, the vision, strategy, roadmap, architecture, quality and current applications, based on 15+ years of experience in data strategy and data analytics

10h30 Session Pitches: every speaker gets 1 minute to present his/her talk
11h00 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Exhibitions
11h30 Morning Presentations (both presentations are 30 minutes, with 15 minutes after these 2 presentations to answer questions (Q&A)
11h30 - 12h45
Room A
Cluster 1A: Data Vault Modelling - Morning Sessions
Fact Oriented Information Modeling (Marco Wobben, BCP Software)
  • Keep your model valuable
  • Verbalizing and validating a data model
  • Keeping data models current
  • Generating technical artifacts (SQL, XSD, OWL, JSON Schema, ...)
  • Transform models into Data Vault with ease.
Data Hub for the financial market: a real time Data Vault implementation feeding applications and information marts (Tim Scott, Argenta, and Koen Verheyen, Tripwire Solutions)
Koen Verheyen is a Data Warehouse Architect at Tripwire Solutions and has extensive experience in the implementation of data warehouses in the financial sector. Tim Scott is the program manager at Argenta with regard to the Esperanto program and has experience in banking transformation and data migration processes. The central information provision layer within Argenta is the name for the central data hub, based on near real time Data Vault, which on one hand answers the information needs of the bank but also feeds applications such as MIFID. This layer is also the base from which the data governance is enforced. For this purpose they use Oracle Enterprise Metadata Manager and Collibra.
11h30 - 12h45
Room B
Cluster 1B: Data Governance - Morning Sessions
The hard sell of Data Governance: Getting the organisation and people behind your data governance programme (Michiel De Keyzer, PwC)

There is an increasing awareness on the importance of data within organisations. More and more people realise it is a true asset, which they should do more with and that has the potential to bring (more) value to their organisation, its services and products. However, getting an organisation to manage their data as an asset, as they do for other assets, remains difficult.

This talk focuses on the main issues and how to overcome them:

  • Management buy-in
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement
  • Keeping in the momentum going in roll-out

The presentation will start with explaining why data is an asset as any other asset, and what this means in practice. This will be followed by some tips and tricks on how to get management buy-in, support and stakeholder engagement for your data governance programme and how to do this from the start. Additionally, we will zoom in on how to implement data governance elements pragmatically and gradually, delivering tangible results, approaching it through well scoped use cases and solving data quality issues.

Throughout the presentation, different real-life cases will be touched upon and used as an example, as well as "tools" that we are using in practice throughout data governance projects.

Data Stewardship at Elia: How we shifted to a new paradigm by updating the definition of Data Steward (Cédric Charlier, Elia)

Most definitions for the Data Steward's role consider that the person creating some data is the most suited to play the role of data steward for these data. What if we change the focus and the definition to be sure that the Steward is the person consuming these data?

Welcome in a world where the status quo is not acceptable and where new usages of data are effectively driving the data governance and data quality. If the data are not fit for a new usage then we need to improve them. In stead of closing doors, data governance is opening them. This strategy offers many opportunities with its dynamic and value-based approach but has also some pitfalls and limitations. During this session we’ll share our experience at Elia where this strategy was applied for two years, and already offered some clear results.

Key messages:

  • Focus on data consumption not data production for Data Governance and Data Quality
  • Data Stewardship is facilitation, not deep knowledge
  • Data Stewardship can be based on a network of knowledge and not on a "one-single-expert" model
12h45 Lunch, Networking and Exhibitions
14h00 Afternoon Presentations (all presentations are 30 minutes, with 15 minutes after these 3 presentations to answer questions (Q&A)
Room A
Cluster 2A: Data Vault Modelling - Afternoon Sessions
Data Warehouse Automation and Data Vault Implementation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse at Bank Degroof in Open Source technology (Bart Gielen, Managing Partner of DataSense)
DataSense is, together with the internal team, implementing a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) at Bank Degroof Petercam. The goal of the EDW is to integrate and historicize all changes of data of the Belgian and Luxembourg entities in the medium term and also those of the for the other entities in the long term. All of this complying with and respecting regulations (legal reporting) and service obligations (tax certificates, reports, taxes on funds, return on portfolio, ...). The implementation is done according to the principles of Data Vault 2.0 and automation of the RAW Data Vault layer. For this purpose they use Talend (Enterprise Open Source data integration platform), Vaultspeed (Data Vault Automation) and Oracle (db platform).
Physical and Virtual Data Vault 2.0 Automation with WhereScape at a Major Dutch Bank (Erik van der Hoeven, Wisdom-as-a-Service)
How to combine Data Automation and Data Virtualisation for optimum agility
Integrate Information Quality in your Data Warehouse Architecture (Ivan Schotsmans, DV Community)
The start of GDPR implementations in Europe was, for most organizations, also the start of rethinking their Data Warehouse strategy. The experience of past implementations gave a better view on the do's and don'ts. One of the important lessons learned was the approach of handling information quality. It's not something you handle on top of your data warehouse. To be successful, information quality goes hand in hand with your data warehouse implementation.
Room B
Cluster 2B: Data Governance, Afternoon Sessions
Non-Invasive Data Governance; The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success (Ronald Kok, Scamander Solutions)
Many organisations start a Data Governance program multiple times to varying degrees of success. Each time they may try something different, though often even with different tools and resources, the results are the same. It doesn’t need to be this way. To prevent failure, it is necessary to start at the beginning and look at a different approach – one that looks at Data Governance in a completely different way. Ronald explains the core principles of the non-invasive approach for data governance. All participants will receive Robert Seiner’s practical workbook Non-Invasive Data Governance; The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success (Dutch or English version).
Data Governance on a centralized data hub at Rijkswaterstaat (Kasper Kisjes, Rijkswaterstaat and Christoph Balduck, Data Trust Associates)
Applying data governance, data discovery and data cataloging 200+ data sources. Dealing with a connect vs. collect strategy in a centralized hub of data.
From the Data Governance trenches: A real-life perspective (Luc Delanglez, DataLumen)
Data is a critical business asset but, in many cases, also a complex asset. Data lives in different places across your organisation and is quite often invisible or inaccessible by the people who need it. Sometimes what the data seems to imply doesn't reflect what we think we know, and as a result impacts the data trust level. And when the power users can get the data they need, they don't manage to realize the true value of that data simply because they can't share it easily with others.
Putting an effective data governance approach in place that puts people and processes first, automate data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it, doesn't happen automatically. During this session you will get some practical insights to get you started the right way on:
  • Traceability
  • Roles & responsibilities: Data stewardship & stakeholder community
  • Data lineage and impact analysis
  • Critical functional components
    • Business Glossary
    • Data Catalog
    • Data Quality
    • Master / Reference Data Management
  • Compliancy & privacy
15h45 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Room Switch
16h15 Closing Keynote: Towards a Data-Driven Organisation (Michael Olschimke, Scalefree)
The presentation will help managers to understand their current data maturity and discuss the next steps to be undertaken in order to transform their organization into a data-driven organization.
17h00 End of the Conference, Start of the Networking Drink

During this conference, we offer the opportunity to bring their company to the attention of this highly targeted and interested audience (more info about sponsoring).

We are pleased to have these solution providers there:

DataLumen enables organizations to turn data into actionable information. With our solution portfolio, which consists of premier data governance and management services and products, we help our customers manage their data lifecycle and be successful with their data monetization efforts.
Collibra is the Data Intelligence company. We accelerate trusted business outcomes by connecting the right data, insights, and algorithms to all Data Citizens. Our cloud-based platform connects IT and the business to build a data-driven culture for the digital enterprise. For more information, visit
Tripwire Solutions uses the latest set of advanced technologies and concepts as an enabler for the new generation of BI and DWH platforms.
WhereScape offers a Data-Infrastructure Automation Software for Cloud, Hybrid and On-premise, and is a leader in Datawarehouse Automation
In addition to the design and implementation of existing solutions for data modeling, heureka e-Business offers individual development services. We are the global market leader for erwin, Inc. add-on products and thus achieve enormous added value for our customers in BI and Data Warehouse projects.


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