Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Concepts, business case, technology for structuring and managing information, Web content and documents.

3 March 2005 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
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Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Enterprise Content Management: Introduction, Positioning, Concepts and Technology
(Peter Hinssen)
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    Introduction: information maturity model, structured vs. unstructured content, ...
  • Business drivers: compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), efficiency improvement, ...
  • Positioning: what is the place of Content Management in the IT landscape?
  • ECM vs. Smart Enterprise Suites
  • Enterprise content management as the integration of traditional document management, web content management, digital asset management and document component mgt.
  • Concepts:
    • Locking / check in / check out
    • Versioning & Branching
    • Meta-data / Categorising / classification
    • Lifecycle & Workflow
    • Access control/Security
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Snapshots (publication)
    • Searching
  • An ECM Architecture:
    • Content creation...
    • management...
    • and delivery (typically via an enterprise portal)
  • ECM technologies: XML, WebDAV, application servers, portals, ...
  • ECM business case


Introduction to Information Architecture: how to make Information Accessible?
(Paul Hermans, Amplexor)

  • structuring and organizing information
    • by subject, by chronology, ...
  • labeling information
  • navigation systems
    • hierarchies
    • sequences
  • background utilities
    • metadata
    • controlled vocabularies, thesauri, taxonomies
Case Study: KBC
(Wim Perdieus, Information Architect, KBC )
  • In a corporation, there are typically many types of content, each requiring their own approach. Wim Perdieus explains how - depending on the lifetime, cost of content production, target audience and the skills of the contributors - KBC finally chose to automate Content Management with 2 different intranet applications:
    • KBCiNet is used for the internal distribution of nice to know information
    • The Kennisbank is for the internal distribution of instructions and extra information to large target audiences
  • For every system, we focus on a number of aspects, such as organisation, workflow, versioning, the publication process, search functionality, technical setup and integration with other systems
  • We conclude with a look at future developments and their motivation.
ECM Tools: Market Overview and Comparison
(Peter Hinssen)
  • Market overview: Documentum, SAP, IBM, Hummingbird, ...
  • Vendor selection and "Buy versus build":
    • Off-the-shelf packages versus customised solutions
    • What open source options are available?
Web Content Management (WCM) tools
(Peter Hinssen)
  • How to deal with legacy conversion: 1st-generation static websites and Intranets
  • Content input, management and presentation in WCM
  • Budgeting web projects
  • Specific selection criteria for Web CMSes
  • Market overview: Interwoven, Vignette, Tridion, Stellent, Serena Collage, Microsoft SharePoint, Mediasurface Morello, ...
Organisation and Processes
(Peter Hinssen)
  • Project management
  • Internal staffing
  • The integrator's perspective
  • Do's and Don'ts in ECM
Roundup of this seminar, Conclusions & Summary, Final Questions and Answers
End of this seminar
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