The Future of IT: the Next 20 Years

The Future of IT: the Next 20 Years

A look at the future of IT, in which IT will be an innovation-enabler and a game-changer

12 September 2012 (14-21)
Location: Golden Tulip Brussels Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by
Price: 640 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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 Learning Objectives

What is the purpose of this unique, exclusive event ?

20 years ago, I.T. Works was founded to offer vendor-independent seminars and workshops about IT topics that solve business problems, improve effectiveness and support decision making. We have seen many topics come and go, but we think that IT is only halfway in supporting the business and solving business problems. To recap what we have learned so far, and to show how we go ahead in improving the communication with the business, increasing the level of satisfaction and success of IT solutions, and tackling major trends such as SoLoMo (social, local, mobile), cloud computing, consumerization (Bring-Your-Own-Device and the new ways of working), Big Data, ... we have set up this exclusive seminar with various top speakers.

Our speakers will look forward to what is coming (the future trends in IT and business, as well as megatrends in our society) and how to prepare by seriously improving the communication with business stakeholders, innovating business models through the effective use of upcoming trends, transforming the IT department from a cost center to a value center, embracing the cloud and SoLoMo trends without losing control, ... If your company still wants to be alive and kicking in 20 years, some major changes will be needed in the role and strategy of your IT department, which will then probably be called "innovation department", "business/technology liaison", or perhaps "The department formerly known as the IT department".

If you are an IT decision maker who wants to know how to communicate and translate the newest trends in IT (big data, cloud, social, mobile, consumerization, ...) to your business, or a business decision maker in a company that heavily relies on IT and wants to make a difference by applying the latest and greatest trends in IT to achieve more business agility, higher customer satisfaction, better time-to-market and faster innovation than its competitors, you can't afford to miss this special event on the 12th of September.

Which questions will be answered during this seminar ?

  • What have we learned from the past 20 years in IT ?
  • What can your business learn from startups ?
  • Why do we think we are only halfway the IT revolution from cost center to a real value center ?
  • Why should innovation-thinking be an essential and integral part of IT ?
  • How can we improve business analysis ?
  • What are the major issues and challenges for CIO's ?

Who should attend this seminar ?

This seminar is aimed at the important group of business-aware IT decision makers and IT-aware business decision makers who understand that IT is not just an important enabler of the business, but can also be a game-changer. This seminar will explain to you that:

  • innovation, information and knowledge management are important challenges for the future,
  • good business analysis is crucial but still a challenge in many companies,
  • innovation and improvement is not an afterthought: everybody should be looking at how applications, processes, information flows and particularly customer interaction can be improved,
  • the IT department as we know it today will no longer exist in 20 years, but will be an integral part of the business.

We are looking forward to see CIO's, CFO's, COO's, IT managers, project managers, marketing managers, social media managers, change managers, knowledge managers, e-business managers, innovators, consultants, ... who want to discuss these issues, and learn more about how to tackle these issues to stay successful in the next 20 years. Moreover, you will be able to exchange ideas with a lot of colleagues from other companies who face the same challenges as yourself.

 Full Programme

13.30h - 14.00h
Registration and welcome of the participants with coffee/tea and croissants
14.00h - 14.50h
20 Years of IT Trends - What have we learned ?
(Rick van der Lans, Manager of R20/Consultancy)
  • The hype-sensitivity of IT
  • Predicting the future of IT is hard
  • A critical study of the past
  • How to estimate the impact of new trends such as cloud computing, social media and mobile devices ?
  • Will it be a battle between megavendors or is there still room for best-of-breed solutions ?
14.50h - 15.30h
What your business can learn from young successful Flemish entrepreneurs
(Frederic De Meyer, Futurist, Institute for Future Insights (i4fi))
  • A few young Flemish entrepreneurs: what they do and how they are doing it: e.g. Engagor, Shallibuy, Tapcrowd, Carambla, YouBridge, TwitSpark, ...
  • What is the state of mind of GenY entrepreneurs? What can we learn from them ?
  • How to integrate the rules of the 'lean startup' into established companies
  • How to keep a spirit of entrepreneurship in established companies to ensure constant innovation
  • Lessons learned from young entrepreneurs, do they apply to all businesses ?
15.30h - 15.50h
RealITy Check 1: What are the most important business/IT challenges of IT decision makers today ?
(Luc Verbist, CIO of De Persgroep)
15.50h - 16.20h
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments
16.20h - 17.10h
IT in "The New Normal": Information is the New Oil
(Peter Hinssen, Across Technology)
  • From technology-centric to information-centric "information technology"
  • Information is the new oil, and digital has become "normal"
  • How "The New Normal" is forcing IT to shift drastically towards innovation
  • Now that everybody is in the information business, the role of IT departments and CIO's changes
  • How to turn your current IT department into an agile, information-driven "business function formerly known as IT" ?
17.10h - 17.50h
Business Model Innovation: Connecting Strategy with Implementation
(Remco Blom, Senior Consultant, BiZZdesign)
  • What is a business model and how to represent this ?
  • How business models help to bring Business and IT around the (same) table in an early stage
  • Your innovation toolbox
  • Your business model
  • How does Business Model Innovation help in the innovation process ?
17.50h - 18.15h
RealITy Check 2: What are the most important innovation challenges of IT decision makers today ?
Prof. Dr. Bart Van den Bosch (CIO, UZ Leuven)
18.15u - 19.30u
Walking Dinner Buffet & Giant Networking Opportunity
19.30h - 20.15h
The Once and Future King – the transformation of business analysis over the past and the next 20 years
(Suzanne Robertson, Atlantic Systems Guild)
  • The traditional role of business analysis and users' requirements
  • Tailored software to meet users' requirements
  • Tailored users to meet software requirements
  • Users' growing sophistication and awareness of their work
  • The effect of the portable workplace and the App Store
  • The new role of the business analyst
20.15h - 20.45h
RealITy Check 3: What are the most important business analysis challenges of IT decision makers today ?
(Carl Tilkin-Franssens, CIO of Acerta group)
Conclusions & Summary
End of this Seminar


Rick van der Lans (R20/Consultancy BV)
R20/Consultancy BV

Rick van der Lans is an independent consultant, speaker and author, specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), application integration and database technology. He is the managing director and founder of R20/Consultancy. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has lectured worldwide for the last 25 years.

In the summer of 2012 he published his new book "Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems". He is also the author of one of the most successful books on SQL, the popular "Introduction to SQL", which is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, and German. He has written many white papers for various software vendors. Rick may be contacted by sending an email to and followed on Twitter via rick_vanderlans.

Frederic De Meyer (Institute for Future Insights)
Frederic De Meyer Institute for Future Insights

Frederic De Meyer founded The Institute for Future Insights (i4fi) in September 2011 with the specific mission to help companies and industries understand and anticipate long-term trends and adapt their strategy to them so as to ensure long-term success.

Frederic is a seasoned strategic market development professional with over 20 years of experience as - amongst others - market intelligence manager and business development manager for emerging markets at technology provider Cisco, business development manager at research company IDC and consultant at public relations consultancy Weber Shandwick.

Frederic is a frequent keynote speaker on megatrends and corporate strategy at industry and company events. He recently published the influential book ‘The impact of megatrends on your business’, available on Frederic also runs a successful blog about long-term trends , and can be found on twitter via @fdemeyer.

Peter Hinssen (Across Technology)
Peter Hinssen Across Technology

Peter Hinssen is one of Europe's leading thought leaders on the impact of technology on our society. He has a focus on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the Alignment between Business and IT. He collaborates with organizations in the areas of IT Strategy, Transformation, Fusion and Coaching, in Europe as well as in North America.

Peter Hinssen is co-founder of Across Group and CEO of Across Technology. An entrepreneur, lecturer and writer, he is also the former chairman of Porthus and has been an Entrepreneur in Residence with McKinsey & Company.

In the 90s, Peter Hinssen was founder and CEO at e-COM Interactive, a leading Internet consultancy firm, where he implemented some of the first large-scale Internet and e-commerce projects in Europe.

Peter is currently involved as a coach to executives to develop future innovation perspectives, and is a board advisor on subjects related to innovation and IT. He develops executive education workshops and awareness sessions to bridge business challenges with IT solutions, and to leverage the innovation potential of IT.

He lectures on IT Strategy at various business schools in Europe such as the London Business School (UK). Peter is a passionate keynote speaker frequently welcomed at Global CIO Forum and conferences around the world.

His book Business/IT Fusion. How to Move Beyond Alignment and Transform IT in Your Organization (2009) has become a best-selling management book. In his more recent book The New Normal, he demonstrates how changing customer behaviour causes organisations to innovate in terms of products, services and organisation. For more information on this, visit Peter's own Web site.

Remco Blom (BiZZdesign Nederland)
BiZZdesign Nederland

Remco Blom is Senior Consultant at BiZZdesign. Following his business studies (specialization in Organization, Development and Design) at Radboud University Nijmegen, he worked in the fields of Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Change Management and Business Development. Models, design and change have always been part of his work.

As a consultant, he helps national and international organizations in various sectors e.g. media, education, (semi-)government and financial services to re-invent their business models and walk alternative paths. Also the road to implementation with an improved architectures and more agile processes is part of his engagements. In his work as consultant and trainer in Business Model Management, he always puts communication first. Of course, you can follow Remco on twitter via @blomr.

Suzanne Robertson (The Atlantic Systems Guild)
The Atlantic Systems Guild

Suzanne Robertson is a principal and founder of the Atlantic Systems Guild. Suzanne is co-author of "Mastering the Requirements Process" (Addison-Wesley Edition 3, 2012), a guide for practitioners on finding requirements and writing them so that all stakeholders can understand them. Her other requirements book, "Requirements-Led Project Management" (Addison-Wesley 2005) addresses how to use requirements as input to planning and management. Current work includes research and consulting on the management, sociological and innovative aspects of requirements. The product of this research is Volere, a requirements process, template and techniques for assessing requirements quality, and for specifying requirements.

Suzanne works with organisations to apply innovative techniques and fresh thinking in all of their systems development activities. She is author of many papers on systems engineering. Some of these papers are on her web site and She also speaks at numerous conferences and universities. She is a member of IEEE and BCS and on the board of the British Computer Society's Requirements Groups. She was the founding editor of the Requirements Column in IEEE Software. Other interests include a passion for the opera, cooking, skiing and finding out about curious things.

James and Suzanne Robertson are principals and co-founders of The Atlantic Systems Guild.

Luc Verbist (De Persgroep )
De Persgroep

Luc Verbist is CIO of De Persgroep. As graduated civil engineer construction, Luc started his career as underwriter of technical insurances at Mercator in Antwerp. Here he built up a vast experience in legal and contractual matters and sharpened his negotiation skills.

After 5 years, he moved to the publishing industry, the VUM groep (now Corelio). He had the responsibility of information manager in the commercial department and managed all ICT projects for that department. He later on moved to the ICT department of VUM were he became responsible for all ICT projects on company level. After 10 years in the publishing industry, Mr. Verbist changed from industry sector and started working at IBM as CIO and as Operations Manager of the capital markets division in Belgium.

Within a year, De Persgroep headhunted him away to take his current position as CIO, a position which Luc holds for 15 years now. As CIO he is heading an ICT staff of 160 and has an operational responsibility for supporting the Belgian and Dutch activities. Luc is closely involved in the merger and acquisition strategy of De Persgroep and is leading the ICT integration of newly acquired businesses.

Prof. dr. Bart Van den Bosch (UZ Leuven)
UZ Leuven

Prof. dr. Bart Van den Bosch is CIO at the University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven).

Carl Tilkin-Franssens (Acerta Group)
Acerta Group

After graduating as a civil engineer in Computer Science, Carl Tilkin joined the former Kredietbank and started his career in a data security function. In the years to come he was attributed several responsibilities both in infrastructure and application development. In 1995, he became a member of the senior management team and was in charge of all Kredietbank’s system engineers. After two years he became responsible for Kredietbank’s datacenter.

In 1998 Kredietbank, Cera and ABB merged to become KBC. Carl was appointed general manager for ICT development in the new group. At that time Y2K, Euro and the merger were the top priorities. In 2001 the ICT development of the insurance company was added and, beginning 2002, Carl became the CIO in charge of the whole of ICT - production, infrastructure and development.

In addition, on 1 May 2006, Carl became responsible for the ICT departments in the Central European entities, with the mission to create a 'shared service center' for the KBC group. The consolidated ICT budget of KBC Group amounts to more than 750 mln. Euro and employed more than 4400 FTE of which 400 in Chennai, India.

Carl has a special interest in middleware, component-based design, change management and process-oriented views on ICT. His major concerns today are controlling ICT costs and their evolution together with aligning business and ICT. In recent years, subsequent implementations to organize these matters have been conducted in KBC.

On 1 October 2011 Carl joined the Cronos Group, a large Belgian system integrator. In this position, he focussed on strategy, business development, infrastructure and cloud computing.

On 2 May 2012, Carl started as CIO of the Acerta group, a leading HR services provider in Belgium. Acerta specialises in offering advice on all HR-related matters and in the digitalisation and organisation of administrative processes concerning payroll management, social security, child benefit and branch formalities. Currently Acerta is investing in a large ICT renewal program to support its strategy.

Carl's specialties are: Infrastructure and data center, Business ICT Governance, Software factoring, IT architecture, Offshore, Procurement, Service management, Creating highly motivated teams, and Business models for the cloud

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