SEMINAR: The Hadoop Ecosystem and the Apache Spark Framework (Hands-on)

SEMINAR: The Hadoop Ecosystem and the Apache Spark Framework (Hands-on)

Overview of the Hadoop technology stack + Hands-on Apache Spark workshop

  9-11 August 2017 (14-21h, 10-18h)
  Parker Hotel (Diegem)
  Price: 1750 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

  Presented in English by Geert Van Landeghem

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Learning Objectives:

If you want a great, structured overview of the Hadoop technology stack and a hands-on crash course in Apache Spark, then these 2 courses are for you:

Who should attend this seminar and workshop ?

This seminar and this workshop are aimed at anyone who wants to understand big data with Hadoop and Spark and apply this knowledge immediately in real data analytics and data science projects.

Within this target audience, we aim at the following non-exhaustive list of job titles:

  • Big data developers who want to start right away with what they learn
  • Project managers and decision makers who want to know how these technologies work
  • Data-driven business innovators who want to explore their data
  • Business intelligence consultants who want to stay up-to-date and future-proof

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