Simplified J2EE Applications using Spring, Hibernate and Struts

Simplified J2EE Applications using Spring, Hibernate and Struts

Develop easier to maintain J2EE apps faster and cheaper with these open source projects.

12 October 2005 (14-21)
Location: Business Faculty Brussel (Neder-over-Heembeek)
Presented in English
Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Erik Janssens (JCS Int.)

Erik started to work with Java 7 years ago when he was working in the Research & Technology department of a Belgian financial software provider. Later, he became Director of Technology - EMEA at S1 Corporation where he was responsible for the evangelization of the J2EE-based financial products and guiding the European Technology Group that was researching the latest J2EE related technologies. In September 2003, he joined JCS International. He is now managing the JCS Academy, the Education Services department of JCS where he is lecturing and organizing in-depth Java related training courses like J2SE, J2EE API Overview, J2EE Design Patterns, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Spring,

Dolmen - Java Competence Center

Stephan Janssen has been using Java since its early releases in 1995 with experience of developing and implementing real world Java solutions in the finance and manufacturing industries. In 1998 he founded JCS Int. a Sun authorized Java Center with an exclusive focus on J2ME, J2SE and J2EE since 1997. JCS is also the very first Belgian Java company to speak at JavaOne 2003.

He is also the founder and chairman of the Belgian Java User Group since 1996 and has been organising JavaPolis in Belgium since 2002.

Stephan was selected by BEA Systems as the first European (independant) BEA Technical Director and was recognized by the Server Side as one of the 54 Who is Who in Enterprise Java 2004. In 2005 Sun recognized Stephan's efforts for the Java Community and engaged him in the Java Champion project.

He has spoken at numerous Java and JUG conferences including Java '98 (UK), JAOO '99 (Denmark), JavaDays 2000 (Norway), TMAB (Belgium), JavaPolis 2002-04-05, JavaOne 2003 etc.

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