Java EE 5 Technology Overview

Java EE 5 Technology Overview

A complete technology overview of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5

25-26 September 2007 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
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Price: 980 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Full Programme:

DAY 1: An Executive Overview of Java EE 5

13.30h - 14.00h
Registration, coffee/tea and croissants
14.00h - 14.30h
Java EE Status & Roadmap
14.30h - 15.30h
What was wrong with J2EE, what is good about the new Java EE 5 ?
  • What were the main drivers for the change ?
  • What is Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), dependency injection, ease of development, ... ?
  • The need to improve productivity
  • The move from thick clients to thin clients and to AJAX
  • How can you position Java EE 5 vs. J2EE vs Spring/Hibernate/Struts ?
  • The past, present & future releases of Java EE
15.30h - 16.00h
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments
16.00h - 17.45h
Java EE 5 Today
  • An Introduction to:
    • Web Services
    • Dependency Injection
    • EJB and JPA
    • From JSP and servlets to JSF, JavaServer Faces (JSF)
    • Packaging
17.45h - 19.00h
19.00h - 19.45h
Java EE 5 Tomorrow
  • SOA adoption in Java EE
  • SCA: the Service Component Architecture
  • Building composite applications using SCA/JBI and BPEL
19.45h - 20.45h
Java Frameworks and Java EE Extensions
  • Web Beans and Seam
  • What is happening with the Spring framework ?
  • The effect of Ruby on Rails (and of scripting in general) on the Java community
20.45h - 21.00h
Wrap-up & End of Day 1

DAY 2: Technical Overview of Java EE 5

14.00h - 14.15h
Java EE 5: the Global Picture
  • Major novelties in Java EE 5
  • New and updated API's in Java EE 5
14.15h - 15.30h
Java EE 5 Novelties in the Presentation Layer
  • JSP & servlets
  • JavaServer Faces abstraction layer
  • Do's & dont's in JSF
  • Tools for JSF
  • The impact of AJAX for building Rich Internet Applications
  • What about Swing ?
15.30h - 16.00h
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments
16.00h - 17.30h
Service Layer
  • Business layer and architecture
  • Major upgrades in JEE5 for supporting Web services and SOA
  • Going to Web services-based applications
  • The role of an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
17.30h - 19.00h
19.00h - 20.30h
Persistence Layer
  • POJO's, annotation & Dependency Injection
  • JPA (Java Persistency API)
  • Hibernate vs. EJB 3.0
  • EJB 3.0 overview
20.30h - 21.00h
Wrap-up & End of Day 2
End of this seminar
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