Mastering the Requirements Process (Workshop)

Mastering the Requirements Process (Workshop)

Three-day workshop on how to get the right requirements from your stakeholders, and build the solution that they need

6-8 October 2020 (9-17h)
Location: Live Online Event (@YOUR DIGITAL WORKPLACE)
Presented in English by Suzanne and James Robertson
Price: 2100 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:
8.45h - 9.00h
Welcome in the Waiting Room
Start of each workshop day
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Mastering the Requirements Process (3rd Edition)

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This programme is spread over 3 days, from 9h00 till 17h00. There is a morning coffee/tea break, a lunch break, and an afternoon coffee/tea break. Our workshop leaders will answer your questions and talk about your specific business analysis, requirements and/or innovation challenges and problems that you have, after the workshop, from 17h00 till 17h30 (appropriately called the "afterwords").

Project Blastoff

This builds a foundation for the requirements project by establishing its Scope-Stakeholder-Goals. This gives you the precise scope of the business area to be studied; a testable goal for the project; and using stakeholder maps, you can identify all the sources of requirements. Additionally, the blastoff ensures the project is viable and worthwhile.

Trawling for Requirements

At the core of any requirements process is the ability to get people to tell you what they really need, rather than their perceived solution, or what they think you might be able to deliver. We show you how to use apprenticing, use case workshops, interviewing, brainstorming, mind maps and other techniques to discover exactly what the customers need - and want.

This section introduces the brown cow model that gives the business analyst different ways of thinking about the problem, and allows the real problem to emerge. We also look at innovation - fresh thinking about the problem - and how it is a necessary component of any requirements process.

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are those things the product must do. You discover them by understanding the work the user does, and determining what part of that work the automated product can best do. The resulting interaction between user and product is usually modeled with scenarios, and from these, you can readily derive the functional requirements.

Non-functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements are properties the product must have, such as the desired look and feel, usability, performance, cultural aspects and so on. This section discusses the types of non-functional requirements, and shows you how to use the template, and other methods, to find the all-important qualitative requirements for your product.

Managing Your Requirements: prepare and discuss your action plan on how you will use these techniques in your day-to-day business analysis and requirements work

Requirements are the lynchpin of any development effort, and so have to be written correctly and managed effectively. This section demonstrates the use of a template to help you write requirements. It looks at requirements management issues like traceability, prioritization and conflicting requirements. We also look at tools to help manage requirements specifications.

End of each workshop day
17.00h - 17.30h
Afterwords: a unique opportunity to discuss questions and problems with the workshop leaders

This is a very brief overview of the programme of this unique workshop (spread over 3 days):

  • 9.00h - Start of each workshop day
  • Project Blastoff
  • Trawling for Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non-functional Requirements
  • Managing Your Requirements
  • 17.00h - End of each workshop day
  • 17.00h - 17.30h: Afterwords: a unique opportunity to discuss questions and problems with the workshop leaders

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