Agile, Scrum and Kanban in Practice

Agile, Scrum and Kanban in Practice

This is agile: the concepts, techniques and best practices. Beyond the basics, beyond the hype, beyond Scrum

19 March 2015 (14-21h)
Location: Holiday Inn Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by Sander Hoogendoorn
Price: 720 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:
13.30h - 14.00h
Registration with coffee/tea and croissants
14.00h - 15.45h
An Introduction to Agile Software Development

  • Why waterval is not working
  • Challenges in modern software development projects
  • The agile manifesto
  • Characteristics of agile software development
  • Working in short iterations
  • Some myths about agile software development
  • How does requirements gathering, design and architecture work with agile ?
  • Which agile software development techniques exist ?
  • A comparison of extreme programming, Scrum, DSDM, Smart, Lean, OpenUP, MSF Agile, ...
15.45h - 16.00h
Coffee/Tea Break
16.00h - 16.45h
An Overview of Scrum and Kanban
  • Introduction to Scrum: what, why and how ?
  • Why is Scrum so popular ?
  • Kanban: the new agile method, based on 'Lean Thinking'
  • Scrum vs. Kanban vs. other agile techniques
  • Which technique is best suited for your company ?

This is a seminar about agile, beyond the basics, beyond the hype, beyond Scrum.

16.45h - 17.45h
How to do Agile Software Development in Practice ?
  • Why change ?
  • Iterative development, smart use cases, burn down charts
  • Letís go Scrum !
  • How do you implement agile software development in your organisation ?
  • Challenges in project management: how to control the backlog ?
  • How does an agile contract look like ? What does this mean for the customer ? What does it mean for the developer ?
  • From project backlog to company backlog !
17.45h - 18.45h
Dinner buffet with great food and excellent networking opportunities
18.45h - 19.45h
Teams and Roles: The New Roles in Agile Software Development
  • What are the roles in agile projects ?
  • How does the role of a project manager change ?
  • The new customer
  • The communicative multi-talented developer
  • Integral testing. Boehm's Law
This Is Agile
19.45h - 20.45h
Best Practices: Techniques and tools that you can apply immediately
  • How do you estimate an agile project ? Days, function points, ... ?
  • How do you plan an agile project? Practical example
  • Stand up meetings
  • Death-by-planning. Task boards, agile dashboards, and burndown charts
  • Pair programming and side-by-side programming
  • Unit testing, smart testing
  • Frequently asked questions:
    • How to convince customers to go for agile
    • Is agile possible for product development ?
    • Does agile work better with senior developers ?
    • How do you guard the scope of a project ?
    • What about architecture in agile software development ?
    • Can you apply agile in large, enterprise projects or only in smaller projects ?
Summary and Conclusions
End of this Seminar

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