SEMINAR: Using AI and Data Science for Business

SEMINAR: Using AI and Data Science for Business

The Terminology, Understanding, Use Cases, Best Practices, Tips and Advice for Using Data Science and AI in your Company

  18 May 2017 (14-18h30)
  Parker Hotel (Diegem)
  Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

  Presented in English by Geert Van Landeghem and Viktor Petrov

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Geert Van Landeghem (DataCrunchers)

Geert Van Landeghem is a Big Data consultant with 25 years of experience working for companies across industries. He worked on his first big data project in 2011, and is still consulting companies on how to adopt big data within their organisation.

He has worked as the Head of BI for a gambling company in Belgium, where he led a team of 8 people. He is an Apache Spark Certified Developer since November 2014, and has worked as an instructor for IBM and Datacrunchers, where he teaches Hadoop and Spark-related courses.

He is currently examining how Artificial Intelligence can be used for business use cases and as such followed the first IBM Watson and O'Reilly AI conferences abroad.

Viktor Petrov (Adessent Consulting)
Adessent Consulting

Viktor Petrov is an independent data scientist with over 8 years of experience working for companies across industries. He is using Python, R & Spark as his main tools to clean and analyse data on small and big volumes. His most requested services include machine learning design and execution, as well as metrics and dashboard development.

Viktor is currently working for a customer in the gambling industry, mainly on CRM-related machine learning.

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