Using AI and Data Science for Business

Using AI and Data Science for Business

The Terminology, Understanding, Use Cases, Best Practices, Tips and Advice for Using Data Science and AI in your Company

Location: In-company (YOUR COMPANY)
Presented in English by Geert Van Landeghem and Viktor Petrov
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Why do we organise this seminar on AI and Data Science in Business ?

During this afternoon seminar, we bring you up to speed in the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence, and offer you a guided tour through the fascinating world of automation, (chat)bots, data mining, neural networks, (un)supervised learning, machine learning, deep learning and data science.

AI and its subdomain Data Science are in the news almost every day: from how "sexy" the job of a data scientist is to the "infinite" possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Beneath all the hype that surrounds artificial intelligence (AI), automation and data science, there are real breakthroughs in AI happening at this moment, and they are transforming the way we do business. AI developers are creating software that doesn't just do what is programmed for, but is able to anticipate the needs of customers and users through a combination of pattern recognition, knowledge mining, planning and reasoning.

This seminar will explain how Artificial Intelligence evolved throughout its "winters" into the narrow AI we all use in our daily life. Some studies predict that AI will change our jobs and our economy in a huge way. Even today, companies can already plug into AI from the cloud to start enhancing your employees.

Data Science is a subdomain of Artificial Intelligence which is already widely adopted by large organisations. It helps those organizations to define the next best offer to their customers, predict those customers with high probability in churning, segmenting customers into segments etc. We will give an overview what it means to be a data scientist, how data science can be used for business and how to start adopting data science within your organisation.

Who should attend ?

This afternoon seminar is aimed at business leaders and architects who want to understand what AI and data science is all about, what the benefits are of using both, and how to implement this within their organisation.

This seminar answers these and many other questions:

  • What is happening today ?
  • What is AI, data science, machine learning, deep learning ?
  • How to adopt AI in my organisation?
  • What is a data scientist, and how do you select and hire one ?
  • How to organise a data team?
  • How do you start a project, and prototype a solution ?
  • How to improve sales revenue using data science?
  • How to integrate Big Data, data science and AI?
  • What are big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, ... offering ? What is the open source offering ?
  • What does the future look like ?
  • What is the impact of AI on jobs and economy?

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