Pragmatic Modelling with UML and Smart Use Cases

Pragmatic Modelling with UML and Smart Use Cases

How to translate software requirements in smart use cases and UML diagrams in a practical, pragmatic, productive and agile way ?

19-20 November 2014 (10-18h)
Location: Hotel NH Brussels Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by Sander Hoogendoorn
Price: 1450 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:

Both workshop days start at 10h00. We welcome the participants with coffee/tea and croissants from 9h30 onwards, and both days end around 18h00. Spread over 2 days, we will cover:

1. The smart use case approach:

Short overview of the workshop, how it all fits together

  • Agile software development and agile requirements
  • Determine project scope
  • Identify business processes
  • Identify smart use cases
  • Model smart use cases
  • Estimate smart use cases

2. Agile software development and agile requirements

A pragmatic and agile modelling approach to systems development projects

  • Why model ?
  • Why agile ?
  • How does agile work ?
  • Different levels of requirements: cloud, kite, sea and fish level
  • User stories, huge use cases and the YAGNI (you ain't gonna need it) principle
  • A pragmatic modelling approach, from business process to working application

3. Identifying scope and business processes

How to deal with business processes

  • How do you set the scope of your project ?
  • Which business processes are supported by the new application ?
  • How do you model chronological and hierarchical processes ?
  • Elementary business processes
  • How do you use the OTOPOP (one time, one place, one person) rule to limit the scope of use cases ?
  • The transition from business processes to smart use cases
This workshop starts where most UML trainings end: you will learn how to use UML and use cases in a practical, pragmatic, productive and agile way !

4. Identifying smart use cases

Smart use cases as a "fil rouge" in a project: how does this work ?

  • Different levels of use cases - sea level and fish level
  • From business processes to smart use cases
  • How do you identify smart use cases in your project ?
  • How to distinguish between the different types of smart use cases ?

5. Modelling smart use cases

  • How to model use cases diagrams ?
  • How to describe use cases
  • Actors and use cases
  • Use case scenario's

6. Implementing & Testing smart use cases

  • The smart use case implementation cycle
  • Writing use cases
  • Test scenarios and test cases
  • Unit testing smart use cases
  • Testing in the agile life cycle
  • Estimating projects, releases and iterations

7. Domain Modelling

  • How to model class diagrams
  • Modelling attributes, value objects, references, enumerations, associations, aggregations, composition, dependencies, ...
  • What is domain-driven design

8. Requirements in Agile Projects

  • Agile requirements. Business Analysis in an agile environment
  • Roles in agile development
  • Best practices when you use UML and smart use cases in agile projects
  • The smart use case as a guideline for the "Definition of Done"

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