WORKSHOP: Business Analysis Agility

WORKSHOP: Business Analysis Agility

This course turns you into a modern business analyst: more flexible, more nimble, more effective, more focused on solving the right problem and delivering real value.

  23-24 April 2018 (10-18h)
  Parker Hotel (Diegem)
  Price: 1450 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

  Presented in English by James Robertson and James Archer

Learning Objectives:

What will you learn here ?

By attending this two-day workshop, you will learn:

  • discover your customer segments
  • know what they value
  • write a value proposition that clarifies the intention of the business change
  • discover the real problem
  • ensure your solution solves the right problem
  • make sure that your solution delivers through How safe-to-fail probes
  • find more innovative solutions
  • see the bigger picture of business processes and business needs
  • make use of continuous feedback
  • respond to changes in the world
  • determine the best way to improve your client’s business
  • be a better business analyst

Special Features

  • Teaching chapters are reinforced with hands-on workshops
  • The course is run interactively with lots of opportunity to discuss issues with the instructor, and with other participants
  • You are shown how the course applies to your own work situation
  • Your instructor has real world experience, and is willing to discuss how you can be most effective doing business analysis in your organisation

Why we organize this workshop: Increasing importance of business analysis and business analysts

  FREE BOOK for all participants:

Business Analysis & Leadership (Kogan Page)

Business analysis is changing – for the better. Whether you work in a traditional environment, or as part of an agile team, your business analysis approach today can be more flexible, more nimble, more effective, more focused on solving the right problem and delivering real value.

Business analysis agility means using an adaptable approach to challenge assumptions, to make better use of feedback, to iterate, to use more flexible tools, and to understand the customers’ value when discovering their real, underlying needs. For it is only by addressing the right needs and solving the right problem can you deliver real value to your customer and your sponsor.

This course gives you a different approach to business analysis. This one provides a business analysis framework that works regardless of whether you are part of an agile environment and need to provide stories for iterative development, or whether you are in a traditional environment and need to produce a requirements specification suitable for more formalized environments and outsourcing.

This course gives you a vision of the modern business analyst, one who understands the role is much more than writing requirements. This course is a natural companion to Mastering the Requirements Process, where we teach the art of requirements writing. The models and understanding from Business Analysis Agility are the foundation for your requirements process.

Who should attend this workshop ?

Business analysis is a universal task, but it normally falls to skilled people with a job title such as: - every employee has some responsibility for effective business improvement. The most likely job titles you would find at this course are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Owner
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Leader
  • Requirements Engineer
  • Product or Program Manager
  • or similar titles.

We also believe that Business Stakeholders, Users and Software Customers will benefit from learning advanced business analysis techniques, and how they can contribute to the organisation's wellbeing.

Why should you attend this workshop ?

Our businesses thrive or flounder on the effectiveness of their business processes, both automated and manual. Businesses with good processes provide a better service and are more responsive to their customers, and vice versa.

Business analysis is the craft of enlightened improvement to business systems and processes. Moreover, business analysis gives you ways of identifying the areas where improvement projects will yield the highest value.

This two-day course in business analysis gives you the skills and tools to discover your client's real business, and to determine and demonstrate the best ways of improving it. This course is a natural companion to Mastering the Requirements Process, where we teach the art of requirements writing. The models and understanding produced by Mastering Business Analysis are the optimal input and foundation for your requirements process.

This is a very brief overview of the programme of this unique workshop (spread over 2 days):

9.30h - 10.00h- Registration (only first day), coffee/tea and croissants

10.00h - Start of each workshop day

  • agile Business Analysis
  • Do You Know What Your Customers Value ?
  • Are You Solving the Right Problem ?
  • Investigate the Solution Space
  • Designing the Solution
  • Writing the Right Stories
  • Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

18.00h - End of each workshop day

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