WORKSHOP: Business Analysis Agility

WORKSHOP: Business Analysis Agility

This course turns you into a modern business analyst: more flexible, more nimble, more effective, more focused on solving the right problem and delivering real value.

  23-24 April 2018 (10-18h)
  Parker Hotel (Diegem)
  Price: 1450 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

  Presented in English by James Robertson and James Archer

Full Programme:
9.30h - 10.00h
Registration, coffee/tea and croissants
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Business Analysis & Leadership (Kogan Page)

9.30h - 10.00h
Registration (only first day)
Start of each workshop day

This programme is spread over 2 days, from 10h00 till 18h00, with a buffet lunch around 13h00. Our workshop leader will already be present from 9h30 to answer your questions and talk about your specific business analysis, requirements and/or innovation problems if you want this.

James Robertson and James Archer are experienced consultants, teachers, authors and practitioners whose area of concern is the requirements for products, and the contribution that good requirements make to successful projects. Their work in the area of business analysis and requirements gathering is valued by clients around the world.

agile Business Analysis

We explore business analysis and show you how you can be more agile, more adaptable in your business analysis activities.

We take you through a framework for changing the business from its current way of working to the desired future state, and discuss the role of the business analyst in today’s organisations.

Do You Know What Your Customers Value ?

Here you identify and prioritise the customer segments. Customer segments are groups of people with the same characteristics, or the same needs. By isolating each segment, you can produce a value proposition for each of them. The value proposition sets down what it is that you must deliver to provide a business solution the satisfies the customers’ business needs. This value proposition is the foundation for what is to follow.

You also ensure that it is worthwhile to provide value to the customer segments by looking at the value this brings to your organisation.

Are You Solving the Right Problem ?

Having identified the customer segments and what it is they value, the emphasis now shifts to the problem. Simply put, the business problem is how might deliver that value. Your team generate multiple candidate solutions. Rather than stop at one, the team always discover that each subsequent candidate offers some improvement.

To prove that a candidate is solving the right problem, each one is the subject of a safe to fail probe. This is a quick experiment to determine the viability, the suitability and the outcome of a solution. This outcome is fed back to the customers to ensure that it is solving the problem and that it is the right problem to solve.

In due course, the probes reveal the best candidate solution to investigate further.

Investigate the Solution Space

The solution space includes the people, software and devices used to fulfil the needs of the customer segments. When you are investigating this space, you are looking at the necessary business processes, and perhaps building process and data models of them to help with your understanding. You also scope the space so that the team can agree on the extent of the solution.

The solution involves, and is used by humans, so the investigation studies the culture and characteristics of the people involved in the solution. The investigation is quick, but thorough enough to prevent any nasty surprises for the development team.

Designing the Solution

Anything worthwhile is designed. You now know what your solution does, and you have proved through investigation that it solves the customer’s problem. Now you must make the solution usable and convenient.

The designing business analyst uses elements of the problem, the desired impact of the solution, the behaviour of the target customer segments, and the value proposition to craft the best possible solution. Any valuable solution will be innovative. This section looks at some innovation techniques, especially in the areas of providing better information, and making the solution more convenient for its users.

Writing the Right Stories

Stories are fundamental to most agile development, However, if they are to be useful, the stories must be the right stories. This section gives you an approach to writing more valuable stories – stories that address the real customer problems.

We also demonstrate how story maps give you a more descriptive and usable backlog. Story maps are the ideal repository for both the information you are discovering, the stories needed for the development cycles.

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

This section reviews the course and points out how by being agile, business analysis can be done quickly. We also look at other aspects of business analysis, how to break down silos, the minimal amount of effective documentation.

We take a good look at lean thinking, and how the agile business analyst can avoid waste, unevenness and overburden.

While you can do your business analysis in an agile way, some organisations require a traditional requirements specification – so we show you how to build one from the results of your agile analysis.

End of each workshop day

This is a very brief overview of the programme of this unique workshop (spread over 2 days):

9.30h - 10.00h- Registration (only first day), coffee/tea and croissants

10.00h - Start of each workshop day

  • agile Business Analysis
  • Do You Know What Your Customers Value ?
  • Are You Solving the Right Problem ?
  • Investigate the Solution Space
  • Designing the Solution
  • Writing the Right Stories
  • Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

18.00h - End of each workshop day

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