Blockchains in Practice

Blockchains in Practice

What is currently possible with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and how easy is it to build smart contracts ?

29 March 2018 (14-18.30h)
Location: Parker Hotel (Diegem)
Presented in English by Sam Wouters, Thomas Marckx and Jeroen De Prest
Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Full Programme:
13.30h - 14.00h
Registration and Coffee/Tea
Introduction to Blockchains (Sam Wouters, Duval Union Consulting)

Sam will give you a broad introduction to Bitcoin and the blockchain, to help you understand why there are millions of people around the world that believe in it, despite the skepticism and misconceptions.

  • Why do Bitcoin and blockchain exist ?
  • How do they work ?
  • Debunking the skepticism and misconceptions
  • What can be done with blockchain technology ?
  • Some business use cases
The Trust Machine (Thomas Marckx, TheLedger)
  • Trust as an important component of the sharing economy and society
  • Sharing and distributing ledgers
  • Blockchains as one of the building blocks for Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Consensus mechanisms and blockchain alternatives, e.g. IOTA's Tangle (a DAG, Directed Acyclic Graph)
Coffee/Tea Break and Networking
How to Start a Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology Project (Thomas Marckx, TheLedger)

We'll go further into depth on the different characteristics of a blockchain network. The 4 types of existing blockchains – public/private and permissioned/permissionless – will be discussed.

  • A look at TheLedger's implementation methodology
  • When can a blockchain improve your business? How to differentiate a good use-case from a bad ?
  • Where does a blockchain fit in your current - or future - technology stack ?
  • What are the different competences needed in the team to start a project ?
Technology Overview (Thomas Marckx and Jeroen De Prest, TheLedger)

Bitcoin is old blockchain technology. Currently there are much more capable technologies under development. We'll discuss the differences between Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric in detail, both so-called blockchain 2.0 technologies.

  • What is a smart contract and how can it benefit cross-industries ?
  • What you need to know about HyperLedger, Ethereum, BigchainDB, IOTA and other solutions
  • How do big companies like Microsoft and IBM see the evolution and what are they investing in ?
Guided Tour to Building a Prototype (Jeroen De Prest and Thomas Marckx, TheLedger)
  • Steps in building a prototype
  • From generic idea to functional user stories
  • Do you need a blockchain
  • Choosing the right technology (e.g. Ethereum)
  • Writing smart contracts
  • Demo
  • Examples of use cases per sector
Discussion + Questions & Answers
Formal End of this Seminar, but you are welcome to discuss this and other topics further with speakers and participants

This is a very brief overview of the programme of this unique seminar:

  • 13.30h - 14.00h: Registration and welcome of the participants with coffee/tea and croissants + Networking opportunity
  • 14.00h: Introduction to Blockchains
  • 15.00h: The Trust Machine
  • 15.30h: Coffee/Tea, Refreshments and Networking
  • 16.00h: How to Start a Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology Project
  • 16.30h: Technology Overview
  • 17.15h: Guided Tour to Building a Prototype
  • 18.15h: Conclusions and Summary
  • 18.30h: End of this Seminar

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