The BI & Data Analytics Summit

The BI & Data Analytics Summit

13 June 2019 (9-17h30)
Location: Parker Hotel (Diegem)
Presented in English by Keith McCormick (opening keynote), Rick van der Lans (closing keynote), and 12 half-hour presentations between these keynotes
Price: 450 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Keith McCormick is a highly accomplished professional consultant, mentor, and trainer, having served as keynote and moderator at international conferences focused on analytic practitioners and leadership alike.

Keith has guided organisations to establish highly effective analytical operations across industries, to include public sector, media, marketing, healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing and higher education.

As a Senior Consultant with The Modeling Agency, LLC, Keith holds a very unique blend of tactical and strategic skills along with the business acumen to ensure superior project design, oversight and outcomes that align with organizational targets.

Rick van der Lans (R20/Consultancy BV)
R20/Consultancy BV

Rick van der Lans is a highly-respected independent analyst, consultant, author, and internationally acclaimed lecturer specializing in data architectures, data warehousing, business intelligence, big data, and database technology. In 2018 he was selected the sixth most influential BI analyst worldwide by

He has presented countless seminars, webinars, and keynotes at industry-leading conferences. For many years, he has served as the chairman of annual Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit in The Netherlands.

Rick helps clients worldwide to design their data warehouse, big data, and business intelligence architectures and solutions and assists them with selecting the right products. He has been influential in introducing the new logical data warehouse architecture worldwide which helps organisations to develop more agile business intelligence systems.

Over the years, Rick has written hundreds of articles and blogs for newspapers and websites and has authored many educational and popular white papers for a long list of vendors. He was the author of the first available book on SQL, entitled including Introduction to SQL, which has been translated into several languages with more than 100,000 copies sold. Recently published books are Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems and Data Virtualization: Selected Writings.

He presents seminars, keynotes, and in-house sessions on data architectures, big data and analytics, data virtualization, the logical data warehouse, data warehousing and business intelligence.

Erik Laurijssen (Datylon)

Erik Laurijssen started his career in data nearly 30 years ago at Gnosis/Intersolv, an international provider of client-server middleware that connected the first generation of BI tools and RDBMSs. After various enterprise leadership roles in international companies, he co-founded and now CEO of Datylon.

Datylon focuses on the last mile of the data supply chain. With products and bespoke services, we help companies convert filtered information into visually attractive data stories that can be shared to boost information dissemination and understanding with the goal to make data more actionable.

Datylon is involved in several innovative data and dataviz projects including:

  • Building a (big data) Location Insights platform for Proximus from the ground up
  • Partner in a Proof of Technology for NATO to daily scrape 30.000 news sites, doing sentiment and segment analysis and provide clear visuals to military leadership on media uptake
  • Building a unique horizontal collaboration platform for the supply chain industry allowing all stakeholders to share data and find global optima together
  • Several local and international IoT projects

Kurt Buhler (Ordina Belgium)
Ordina Belgium

Kurt Buhler is a driven Business Intelligence consultant, originally from Canada, highly motivated by his passion for finding data solutions that drive action and efficiency via insights into a customer's company. During his PhD in Biomedical Sciences, he discovered his enthusiasm for communicating ideas and visualizing data. Since then, he continues to expand on this passion by developing data-driven BI solutions with the VisionWorks team in Ordina. He is an expert in front-end development, having experience visualizing data from many parts of an organization including procurement, service desk, HR, financie and customer consultant requests in various dashboarding tools including Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft Power BI.

With a scientific background and over seven years of experience working with data, he believes it is important to have an appropriately critical mindset when working with data, which should be presented in a both visually attractive and ethically correct and honest way. He strives to do his best to help customers navigate the sea of their data and identify the biggest fish and icebergs lurking beneath the surface. Above all, he seeks to transform data into clear visualizations that will provide worthwhile value to customers and their organizations.

Rob Roemers (STIB-MIVB)

Rob Roemers is responsible for data & analytics at the Brussels Public Transport Company STIB-MIVB.

Together with his team, he is responsible for all reporting and analytics in the company, going from traditional BI reporting and operational reporting to machine learning and data science. He has a background as entrepreneur, presented trainings for e.g. SAP, and is a frequent speaker on mobility data at events like Hack Belgium, Polis, ...

Vincent Boucheron (BNP Paribas Asset Management)
BNP Paribas Asset Management

Vincent Boucheron is CIO Advisor at BNP Paribas Asset Management with experience in IT programs, data management and governance.

With an in-depth understanding of business needs and process, he selected or delivered efficient IT solutions for various sectors including European Commission, Finance and Public Institutions, Audit, Transportation, either as consultant, Technical Director or Head of IT internal teams.

Armand van Oijen (Kadenza)

Armand van Oijen can best be described as a wide-oriented Smart and Big Data Architect / BI Lead consultant with 20+ years experience in Data Virtualization, cloud and new architectures, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Information analysis and -management. Armand acted as Lead Architect, Team Lead, Analyst and consultant.

He is capable of acting as a bridge between "the business" and the techniques used including infrastructures, cloud services and privacy solutions. His targeted education and his IT-affinity, arisen at an early age, are the fundamentals of finding the proper solutions for complex BI-issues and projects. Armand has multiple years of experience in interpreting business requirements and what is needed to transform these requirements to a BI solution.

Erik Fransen is founder and co-owner of connecteddatagroup and Centennium Academy. connecteddatagroup connects technology with business or rather, we connect data with people and people with data. It is our ambition to make data simple, fast, predictable and fully available for effective analytical application. Centennium Academy has been providing a diversity of BI, Analytics and data management training for more than ten years, with the specialization Data Vault modeling.

With almost twenty-five years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence, Analytics and data management, Erik has built up broad and in-depth knowledge and experience, with a focus on new developments in the field, varying from data architectures to analytical applications, with the focus on Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Virtualization and Data Science.

Peter Depypere (element61)

Peter Depypere is a Data Strategist at element61 helping organizations to innovate using data. Peter has 5 years of experience in the technological industry in different functions (Implementation consultant, business development & strategy consultant). Because of his business experience together with his tech-savviness, he's able to act as a guide for organisations to define how data & technology can help them in achieving their business goals and being more successful. Peter has worked within lots of organizations and has a good view of common pitfalls & lessons learned organizations have while implementing new technologies like Machine Learning & AI.

Stefan Kennis (Brussels Airport Company)
Brussels Airport Company

After graduating as an engineer at the KUL in 1997, Stefan Kennis started his career at Telenet, at that time a startup of no more than 100 employees. During 9 years, he fulfilled multiple roles within the ICT department before assuming the BICC Director role, reporting into the CFO.

In 2017 he joined Brussels Airport Company as Head of Data & Analytics, responsible for both the business related and ict related roles regarding data, analytics and integration services (API's).

Pieter Beyne (i.deeds NV)
i.deeds NV

Pieter Beyne is a graduate in Network Economics. He got a first glimpse of the value Business Intelligence reporting can bring to the business when he witnessed the increasing impact that data would have on the decision making processes within the companies he worked for.

Starting off as an ICT Support Officer at AGO Jobs & HR in 2014, he got the opportunity to take on the responsibility for some internal ICT projects. This experience made him aware of the true value and insights that data can reveal to the manager who needs to make reliable decisions and spot anomalies or opportunities early on.

2016 was the year in which Pieter got serious about Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. He joined i.deeds, a consultancy company based in Waregem (West-Flanders), where he could live out his passion for data and put it to work for the benefit of several businesses, mainly in the manufacturing domain.

Pieter has guided his customers to higher standards in unleashing the potential value of the data that these companies were sitting on. And more than anything else he understands that success is not solely determined by a tool, or development skills. What is most appreciated with his customers is his ability to connect the dots between what the business really needs and what technology can bring to the table.

Rogier Werschkull (Cloud Analytics Now)
Cloud Analytics Now

Rogier Werschkull is a hands-on DWH/BI (big) data & solution architect, data engineer, data modeller, who knows the core of the 'Data Science buzz'.

Rogier is a 'Data Hype Terminator': Functionality BEFORE technology, that is where he stands for! With his combined Architecture / Data Engineering skills, he can help you 'bridge the gap'.

Rogier helps to realize / optimise a modern (cloud based) DWH / BI solution, and provides hands-on assistance in the modelling and building phase.

Jonas De Keuster (Vaultspeed)

After graduating as business engineer at the University of Leuven, Jonas started his career at Tripwire Solutions. Along the way he gathered experience in BI and data warehousing in Belgium and abroad.

Jonas started working with Data Vault 5 years ago and grew into a role as Data Integration architect at The Agile Information Factory. Recently, he became CEO at Vaultspeed, the rebranded datawarehouse automation tool, built upon a decade of experience within The Agile Information Factory group.

Remco Broekmans (Genesee Academy, LLC)
Genesee Academy, LLC

Remco Broekmans is the vice president of international programs for Genesee Academy. He works in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing as a trainer, advisor and speaker with a focus on modeling and architecture including Ensemble and Data Vault modeling. He works internationally, and is based in the Netherlands.

The last 15 years, Remco has taught different classes on business intelligence and data warehousing, and has worked for several consulting companies before starting his own companies; Coarem and BI Academy.

His specialties are: Information Management and Modeling, Ensemble Modeling, Data Vault Modeling, Agile Data Warehousing, Education and Business Development.


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