How Business Analysts are Catalysts for Business Change

How Business Analysts are Catalysts for Business Change

Business analysts play an extremely important role in business change and business transformation

2 April 2014 (19-22u)
Location: Golden Tulip Brussels Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by James Robertson, James Archer
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Meetups are free evening events of @itworks about brandnew topics or interesting trends, where discussion and networking are key. We definitely think that the increasingly important role of the business analyst in IT is a trend to watch (in education, training and in your business). It is the least "T" role in ICT, but it has the highest level of "C".

Business analysts play an extremely important role in business change and business transformation.

On the one hand, they are trying to discover the essence of the business problem, whilst finding a better solution for the business processes, and communicating this in such a way that all stakeholders come to a consensus on the best way to improve the business.

As such, business analysis is a combination of modelling, systemic thinking, innovating, communicating, persuasion and several other analytical skills.

We are happy to have James Archer as keynote speaker. James has a lot of business analysis experience in many different application areas. Requirements guru James Robertson will also be present, as well as many users of his requirements method Volere, now probably the most widely adopted requirements technique in Belgium.

Michel Van Montfort will bring a customer testimonial on the role business analysts play in a company based on real-life practical experiences. Michel is Senior Product Advisor at SD Worx, which offers full service in Payroll, HR and Tax & Legal to more than 50.000 large and small organisations in 27 European countries.

We hope to bring together business analysts, requirements engineers and anyone interested in business change, and will create a networking event where everyone can find out how to do their job better.

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