BPMN 2.0 Syntax and Positioning (In-Company)

BPMN 2.0 Syntax and Positioning (In-Company)

An overview, positioning and evaluation of modelling business processes in BPMN: when, why and most of all: how ? (in English)

Location: In-company (YOUR COMPANY)
Presented in English by Christian Gijsels
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Full Programme:
Introducing the speaker, participants and workshop
Positioning BPMN 1.x and 2.x
  • The Business Blueprint
  • The 3D Enterprise Blueprinting Framework
  • The 3-layer model
  • Visibility and traceability
  • Positioning of BPMN in the 3D Enterprise Business Blueprint
  • Definition of a (BPMN oriented) process
  • The new Business Ecosystem
  • Business Analysis versus Functional Analysis
  • BPMN versus UML - when to use BPMN and when to use UML ?
  • What is ... EA, BPA, BPMS, BPM, BPMN, Zachman, BPML, BPI, BPEL, XPDL, BPR, Brown Paper, Round tripping, cloud BPM, Social BPM, ... ?
Coffee/Tea Break
The syntax of BPMN 1.x and BPMN 2.x
  • The RA(S)CI method and its relationship with BPMN
  • All about BPMN 1.x
  • Other modelling formats like IDEF0, WfMC, RosettaNet, PIPs, UML, DFD, Flowcharts, ...
  • The 3 levels of modelling
  • The (minimal) BPD Core Element Set BPMN 2.x
    • Flow Objects, with examples
    • Connecting Objects / Connectors, with examples
    • Swimlanes, with examples
    • Artifacts, with examples
  • The (complete) BPD Core Element Set BPMN 2.x with its new symbols / diagrams
    • Data Stores
    • Human - User - Service - Scripts tasks
    • Sub-Proces/Boundary non-interrupting events
    • Parallel multiple
    • BPMN Core elements
    • Process-, Conversation-, Collaboration- and Choreography diagrams
    • Sub-classes / predefined symbol set
  • BPMN-posters
  • The use of BPMN 2.x symbols
  • Syntax improvements in BPMN 2.x compared to BPMN 1.x
  • BPMN 1.x versus UML2.x activity diagrams
  • Rules and decisions: short overview of DMN (Decision Model Notation)
  • The importance of a Lexicon
  • Human and physical actors in an organisation
  • Hierarchical groups of Actoren in (Hierarchische) Departements / (Process) Teams
  • How can you define BPMN actors that you can reuse in UML ?
  • RA(S)CI case / process clusters and process levels
  • BPMN- and UML-frameworks
  • BPMN and Style/framework conventions
  • The "connection" between BPMN and UML in a layered architecture
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments
BPMN Tools & Demo
  • BPMN 1.x & BPMN 2.x - supported tools
    • Drawing tools
    • Intelligent drawing tools
    • Full Life Cycle tools
    • Cloud tools
    • BPMN Tools demo
      • BizAgi Process Modeller
      • Enterprise Architect
    • BPMN Tools simulatie demo
      • Enterprise Architect 10.0
      • Simulator
      • Breakpoints
Questions & Answers, Discussions
End of this Seminar
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