Corporate Performance Management
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    Corporate Performance Management

    Learn more about performance management, the future of business intelligence

    Date:  3 May 2007 (14-21)
    Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
    Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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    Why do we organize this seminar ?

    Corporate Performance Management is hot! Consultants and vendors emphasize the importance of implementing CPM as the next big way to better understand, manage and improve company performance. But also customers are massively accepting the concept and investing in implementing performance management. Both internationally and locally the market is growing at over 30% per annum. Investments in the space have reached over 12 million € just in software sales in Belgium last year. Total external investments - including consulting, implementation and hardware - are estimated to be up to 5 times that amount or over 100 million just in Belgium alone.

    But there is a lot of confusion on the concept. There is CPM, BPM (Business Performance Management) and EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). And then also it seems CPM is the future of Business Intelligence. Or is CPM then just a new name for Business Intelligence? Or is Business Intelligence part of CPM. What is the link between both anyway?

    This session will explain the concepts, the issues CPM addresses, the functionalities required when implementing CPM, the key players offering solutions in the market place, the link with Business Intelligence and major future trends in Corporate Performance Management. This day will allow you to separate hype from reality and start building your plans for implementing CPM in your company !

    What will you learn during this seminar ?

    This seminar answers these and many other questions:

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    This seminar targets anyone who wants to better understand or who prepares to implement Corporate Performance Management. It also is an ideal program for Business Intelligence Project managers who work on their longer-term BI roadmaps, in which CPM increasingly will need to find its place. It helps Business Intelligence professionals to avoid that new CPM "islands" are born in their organisation. The seminar is of particular interest to :

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    WHO presents ???

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