Corporate Dashboards and Scorecards

Corporate Dashboards and Scorecards

Understand, implement and automate (balanced) scorecards and dashboards

12 December 2007 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
Presented in English by
Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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 Learning Objectives

Why do we organize this seminar ?

Originally published in 1992, Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton introduced the Balanced Scorecard as a way to measure how companies are meeting their objectives and implementing their strategy. Both the Balanced Scorecard methodology and how companies nowadays start to define, implement and automate so called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), scorecards and dashboards, have changed a lot over time.

This seminar focuses on explaining the concepts of Scorecards & Dashboards, their complementarities and differences, the use of metrics & KPIs, how to automate Scorecard & Dashboards, the importance of linking this to existing business intelligence & data warehousing architecture and the vendors offering solutions in this area. This seminar explains in-depth what the Balanced Scorecard is all about and how it has evolved over time.

What questions will be answered?

  • What are Scorecards & Dashboards ?
  • What methodologies exist to structure management information ?
  • How to develop and use the correct KPIs to ensure that all of an organization's resources and efforts are focused on achieving its business strategy ?
  • Why is integration with a data warehousing architecture important ?
  • What are the drivers for the current interest in Scorecarding & Dashboarding ?
  • What are typical functionalities that I can expect to find in Scorecarding solutions ?
  • What are the key software players in this space and how should I select the right solution for my organisation ?

Who should attend this seminar ?


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This seminar is part of a 2-day series by Stijn Vermeulen but can be followed separately. The Corporate Performance Management seminar, December 10th, will give you an overview of BI and CPM first.

You can register for both workshops with a discount.

This seminar targets anyone who wants to better understand or prepares to implement KPIs, (balanced) scorecards or dashboards. It also is an ideal program for Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Project managers who work on their longer term BI roadmaps, in which Scorecarding & Dashboarding increasingly will need to finds its place. It helps Business Intelligence professionals to avoid that scorecard & dashboard initiatives are started without integrating them in the BI & DW Architecture:

  • Business Intelligence & Data warehousing project leaders, professionals and team members
  • Financial/Business Directors & Analysts, Financial Controllers
  • ICT managers / CIOs
  • Balanced Scorecard project leaders
  • Quality managers
  • Business, technical or sales consultants working in the domains of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Performance Management

 Full Programme

13.30h - 14.00h
Registration, coffee/tea and croissants
14.00h - 14.45h
From "Business Intelligence" to "Performance Management"
  • Business Intelligence today
  • Scorecarding as part of Corporate Performance Management
  • From BI to Performance Management
  • The interest in Scorecarding & Dashboarding
  • The importance of an integrated Data Warehousing-based approach
14.45h - 15.45h
The Balanced Scorecard
  • The book & the concept
  • The Strategy Focused Organisation
15.45h - 16.15h
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments
16.15h - 17.00h
Components of (Balanced) Scorecards
  •   Related seminar:
    This seminar is part of a 2-day series by Stijn Vermeulen but can be followed separately. The Corporate Performance Management seminar, December 10th, will give you an overview of BI and CPM first.

    You can register for both workshops with a discount.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Ownership, Actions and other metadata
  • Perspectives
  • Cause & Effect Relationships
  • Strategy Maps & Strategic Objectives
17.00h - 17.30h
The use of KPIs outside Balanced Scorecards
17.30h - 18.00h
Scorecarding vs. Dashboarding
18.00h - 19.15h
19.15h - 20.00h
  • Methodologies supported by Dashboarding e.g. Six Sigma
  • Link between Business Activity Monitoring & Dashboarding
  • Dashboarding & Appliances
20.00h - 20.40h
Automation of Scorecarding & Dashboarding
  • Typical functionality required
  • Vendors offering solutions
20.40h - 21.00h
Final Q & A
End of this seminar


Stijn Vermeulen (element61)

Working in these areas since 1991, Stijn Vermeulen (39) is an expert in Performance Management in terms of both vendors and product offerings and the practical project implementation of these technologies. After an initial career focused on Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Stijn has since 2002 increasingly been exposed to and taken interest in how Corporate Performance Management changes the face of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.

Stijn is currently partner & managing director at element61, the thought-leading Performance Management consulting company in the Belgian marketplace.

Stijn has a Commercial Engineer in Management Informatics-degree (KULeuven, Belgium) and an MBA in Applied Marketing (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Aix-en-Provence, France).

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