Data Vault and Data Warehouse Automation Meetup

Data Vault and Data Warehouse Automation Meetup

Free evening meetup

9 December 2015 (19-21h)
Location: Holiday Inn Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by Antoine Stelma, Frederik Naessens, Stefaan De Vos, Dirk Vermeiren
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 Learning Objectives

About this meetup

There are various new and different approaches to data warehouse modelling and development. Data Vault modelling is very popular in the Netherlands - but not yet in Belgium, so we look at this approach first. Compared to other popular approaches, Data Vault modelling represents a paradigm shift - a new way of thinking. Realising the full benefits of this approach means embracing this new paradigm in its entirety, so we take a close look at what Data Vault is, as well as its strengths and weaknesses in the first presentation.

We will also look at data warehouse automation - a modern but also not widespread solution approach to generate modelling, loading, transformation, scheduling and administration code automatically, much faster and less error-prone than with manual programming. Improved quality, increased agility and flexibility, more business-driven and easier maintenance are just some of the advantages of automating the data warehouse development process. But how applicable is data warehouse automation in your company ? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach ? Is this an alternative to Data Vault, or can you combine both approaches ? Can we also automate data warehouse testing ?

Finally, we look at practical, real life examples of the use of Data Vault and Data Warehouse Automation.

Who should attend ?

This free meetup is intended for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals who want to learn more about and discuss modern data warehouse modelling techniques, the data vault modelling paradigm, and data warehouse automation.

The number of participants from business intelligence and data warehousing consultancies is limited.

 Full Programme

18.30h - 19.00h
Registration and welcome + Networking opportunity
Data Vault Fundamentals and Best Practices
Antoine Stelma en Erik Fransen, Centennium

This presentation introduces Data Vault as the proven Ensemble Modelling technique and methodology for designing and implementing agile datawarehouses. Antoine will share his many years of experience with applying Data Vault, covering the improvement of time-to-market and quality via Automation, and focus on data integration and full auditability of the data. He also explains the best practices in implementation, such as using Data Virtualisation, and concludes with practical examples.

Data Warehouse Automation
Frederik Naessens (WhereScape) and Stefaan De Vos (Mind The Gap)

When implementing & maintaining data warehouses, automation comes in many flavours and is not only limited to the pure 'coding' part of all activities. Discover where automation adds value to the business in the complete life cycle.

Frederik Naessens (WhereScape) will give an introduction to data warehouse automation. Stefaan De Vos (Mind The Gap) subsequently explains why Test Automation is then the next logical step.

Real Life Customer Cases using Data Vault Modeling and Data Warehouse Automation
Dirk Vermeiren (Tripwire Solutions)

This presentation describes the architecture and approach for the "Agile" implementation of Data Warehouses. The cornerstones of this architecture and approach are Data Warehouse Automation and Data Vault modeling. The cases show the speed of implementation and the resilience to change of Data Vault Modeling. The examples explained during the presentation are real life experiences with the issues encountered and the solutions implemented for them.

Summary & Conclusions, Networking Drink in Lobby


Centennium BI Expertisehuis

Antoine Stelma is lead architect and managing consultant at Centennium. As managing consultant, Antoine is a member of the Management Team of Centennium, which is responsible for the vision, strategy and management of Centennium.

Antoine is "Genesee Academy Guest Instructor" and authorised to deliver Genesee Academy trainings around the world.

Antoine also presents various Centennium courses on Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing. Antoine is Certified Data Vault Modeler, Certified Business Intelligence Professional and Oracle Certified Professional.

With over 12 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing, Antoine has very broad and deep knowledge of this market. By doing various jobs such as architect, project leader, information analist, coach and teacher, Antoine is an allrounder in the BI domain. He is a rational person with excellent social and communicative powers.

As lead architect, Antoine is one of the founders of the Centennium Datawarehousing Methodology.

In his advisory role, Antoine is responsible for architectural decisions at his customers. He also leads and supports the group of BI architects at Centennium in their daily job.

Centennium BI Expertisehuis

Erik Fransen is senior BI adviseur en managing consultant bij Centennium. Als managing consultant maakt hij deel uit van het Management Team van Centennium, dat verantwoordelijk is voor de visie, strategie en bedrijfsvoering van Centennium.

Met bijna twintig jaar ervaring in het domein van Business Intelligence en Datawarehouse heeft Erik brede en diepgaande kennis opgebouwd, waarbij zijn aandacht vooral uitgaat naar nieuwe ontwikkelingen in het vakgebied, variërend van architectuur tot analytische toepassing, met als focus Business Intelligence werkelijk te laten renderen.

Erik vervult diverse rollen in de dagelijkse praktijk, variërend van architect, adviseur, informatieanalist tot coach en docent. Erik is opgeleid als Kennistechnoloog begin jaren negentig en heeft zich in de jaren daarna verder gespecialiseerd in Business Intelligence. Via werkgevers als Bolesian, Kenniscentrum CIBIT en IMN heeft hij zich snel ontwikkeld in het vakgebied waardoor hij regelmatig wordt gevraagd voor publicaties en workshops/presentaties op (inter)nationale conferenties.

Erik ontwikkelt en verzorgt diverse Centennium BI opleidingen voor een grote diversiteit aan klanten. Binnen zijn huidige klantenkring is hij verantwoordelijk voor de effectieve opzet en uitvoering van projecten, uitvoeren van audits op BI- en datawarehouseomgevingen, opleiden van klantmedewerkers en in veel gevallen draagt hij zorg voor het relatiemanagement.

Frederik Naessens (WhereScape)

Frederik Naessens is Senior Solution Architect bij WhereScape.

Stefaan De Vos (Mind The Gap)
Mind The Gap

Stefaan De Vos is consultant at Mind The Gap.

Dirk Vermeiren (Tripwire Solutions)
Tripwire Solutions

Dirk Vermeiren is Partner at Tripwire Solutions.

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