Business Integration Solutions
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    Business Integration Solutions

    From EAI and A2A to B2B and Web Services

      15 June 2005 (14-21)
      Business Faculty Brussel (Neder-over-Heembeek)
      Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English

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    Why this seminar ?

    Integration remains one of the hottest topics in IT today, because every business-critical system needs to be connected with other systems. Our seminar focuses on the various solutions that exist for application (A2A = Application-to-Application and EAI = Enterprise Application Integration) and business integration with your main suppliers and/or customers (B2B = Business-to-Business).

    We look at the current state-of-the-art in EDI, synchronous and asynchronous communication, publish/subscribe, message queuing, MOM (message-oriented middleware), message/integration brokers, adapters, EAI tools, the enterprise service bus (ESB), Web services, ...

    With this seminar, we want to bring you up to date with the current status of A2A, EAI and B2B: the new standards and technologies, discuss the different ways of integrating applications, give a market classification, compare the leading tools, discuss product support issues, enterprise readiness, etc. We will also be considering the arguments whether or not to invest now or wait with implementation in your company. An enterprise-wide approach to build an integration infrastructure can actually save you money, because it accelerates the deployment of tactical solutions and can significantly reduce maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership. However, such an enterprise integration infrastructure will require a serious investment, so it is important to know the market to make sure you choose the right tools, and to have good arguments to convince your management to invest in an infrastructure that will save you time and money in future projects. We are convinced that this seminar will help you in achieving these goals.

    What questions are addressed by this seminar ?

    • What are the prevailing standards for application and business-to-business integration?
    • What are the different models for e-business integration?
    • How do you choose between the different EAI and B2B architectures, technologies and tools ?
    • What are the best practices for creating an enterprise integration architecture ?
    • What will be the impact of web service standards and service-oriented architectures?
    • Who are the leading players in the market of integration brokers, adapters, hubs and other e-business solutions?
    • How do I migrate my existing IT architecture to a more integrated and services-ready e-architecture?
    • What will be the impact of e-business on IT strategy and business processes?
    • How are companies such as Sidmar and Volvo solving their EAI and B2B problems today ? What practical guidelines can they give you ?

    Of course, if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to send them to !

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    • E-business and IT strategy managers, who need to solve the business integration puzzle, and have to look at all the possible strategies, approaches and tools
    • EAI and B2B project managers
    • (Online) Procurement managers
    • EAI/EDI architects
    • Business analysts interested in EDI mappings, B2B workflow, XSL mappings,...
    • Everyone who's interested in EAI and B2B standards and technology trends

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