Business Integration Solutions

Business Integration Solutions

From EAI and A2A to B2B and Web Services

15 June 2005 (14-21)
Location: Business Faculty Brussel (Neder-over-Heembeek)
Presented in English
Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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 Learning Objectives

Why this seminar ?

Integration remains one of the hottest topics in IT today, because every business-critical system needs to be connected with other systems. Our seminar focuses on the various solutions that exist for application (A2A = Application-to-Application and EAI = Enterprise Application Integration) and business integration with your main suppliers and/or customers (B2B = Business-to-Business).

We look at the current state-of-the-art in EDI, synchronous and asynchronous communication, publish/subscribe, message queuing, MOM (message-oriented middleware), message/integration brokers, adapters, EAI tools, the enterprise service bus (ESB), Web services, ...

With this seminar, we want to bring you up to date with the current status of A2A, EAI and B2B: the new standards and technologies, discuss the different ways of integrating applications, give a market classification, compare the leading tools, discuss product support issues, enterprise readiness, etc. We will also be considering the arguments whether or not to invest now or wait with implementation in your company. An enterprise-wide approach to build an integration infrastructure can actually save you money, because it accelerates the deployment of tactical solutions and can significantly reduce maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership. However, such an enterprise integration infrastructure will require a serious investment, so it is important to know the market to make sure you choose the right tools, and to have good arguments to convince your management to invest in an infrastructure that will save you time and money in future projects. We are convinced that this seminar will help you in achieving these goals.

What questions are addressed by this seminar ?

  • What are the prevailing standards for application and business-to-business integration?
  • What are the different models for e-business integration?
  • How do you choose between the different EAI and B2B architectures, technologies and tools ?
  • What are the best practices for creating an enterprise integration architecture ?
  • What will be the impact of web service standards and service-oriented architectures?
  • Who are the leading players in the market of integration brokers, adapters, hubs and other e-business solutions?
  • How do I migrate my existing IT architecture to a more integrated and services-ready e-architecture?
  • What will be the impact of e-business on IT strategy and business processes?
  • How are companies such as Sidmar and Volvo solving their EAI and B2B problems today ? What practical guidelines can they give you ?

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Who should attend this seminar ?

  • E-business and IT strategy managers, who need to solve the business integration puzzle, and have to look at all the possible strategies, approaches and tools
  • EAI and B2B project managers
  • (Online) Procurement managers
  • EAI/EDI architects
  • Business analysts interested in EDI mappings, B2B workflow, XSL mappings,...
  • Everyone who's interested in EAI and B2B standards and technology trends

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 Full Programme

13.30h - 14.00h
Registration and coffee/tea
14.00h - 14.30h
Introduction to EAI and B2B (Peter Hinssen, Chairman of Porthus and Chairman at this Seminar)
  • What is happening in the EAI and B2B market: what do the companies want and what are the solutions provided by the vendors ?
  • An overview and comparison of the various e-business models: hub/spoke, message-based e-business, ...
  • What are the most important issues ?
  • Overview of this seminar
14.30h - 15.40h
From Functional Architecture to Product Choices
(Wilfried Baeten, Solutions Director, Porthus Extended Enterprise Solutions)
  • B2B integration strategy for a company
  • Building a functional architecture
  • From functional to technical architecture
  • Market overview
    • Tools available for each technical architecture component
    • insourced vs. outsourced - Marketplaces
  • EDI yesterday, today and tomorrow:
    • Various problems with EDI
    • Typical solutions and available products
    • Improving the ROI
15.40h - 16.00h
Coffee/Tea Break
16.00h - 17.10h
EAI, B2B and Web Services Standards (Guy Crets, Apogado)
  • Standards for Web Services: WS-Security, WS-Policy, BPEL, WS-ReliableMessaging, ...
  • What is the role of standardisation committees such as WS-I, W3C, OASIS, ... ?
  • How can an enterprise service bus (ESB) and XML-based Web services help to integrate applications ?
  • How do we integrate mainframes and packages, e.g. SAP ?
  • Linking to business partners:
  • Parts of a B2B framework: technical architecture, process definition, partner discovery & signup, process management, security (XML signing), ...
  • A discussion and comparison of the XML Frameworks for B2B:
    • RosettaNet
    • ebXML
    • EDI-INT/AS2: a set of communication protocols used to transport data over the Internet, recently endorsed by e.g. Walmart and Carrefour
17.10h - 18.00h
Case Study: EAI @ SIDMAR
(Pieter Moors, Technological Engineering Centre, Sidmar (Arcelor Group))
  • Overview of the EAI project
  • Tools, Technology and Architecture - the choice for Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Results: ROI, manageability and availability
  • Plans for the future
18.00h - 19.15h
19.15h - 20.00h
Case Study: B2B @ Volvo Cars: Vehicle Information & Diagnostics for Aftersales
(Michelangelo Adamo (Volvo Cars) and Michel Keymeulen (Xpower NV))
  • Overview of the project: connecting the car's on-board computer to the mainframes in Sweden using Web services and a Sonic enterprise service bus (ESB)
  • Tools, technology and architecture: why was an enterprise service bus chosen and how was it set up ?
  • Results: upgrading your car, managing the necessary repair parts, on-line stock and price checking,
  • Plans for the future
20.00h - 20.45h
Case Study: Electrabel
(Patrick Reyniers, Manager Shared Services & Solution Center, Electrabel)
  • Overview of the EAI project at Electrabel: study, business case and choice
  • How to approach and set up an EAI Competence Center
  • Business Process integration rather than connectivity
  • Business added value of an EAI solution
  • From EAI to BPM (Business Process Management) and SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures)
20.45h - 21.00h
Summary, Conclusions & Wrap-up: What have we learned today ? (Peter Hinssen)
  • Why and when is EAI interesting for your company ? When and why not ?
  • What is the impact on your existing business ?
  • How do I make the right investments in A2A and B2B ?
  • Lessons learned from various case studies
  • What are the ingredients for a future-proof integration and e-business strategy ?
End of this seminar


Guy Crets (Apogado)

Guy Crets is IT Consultant at Apogado with over 18 years of experience in building business applications and integrating them. Guy mainly focuses on the integration of component-based solutions with existing "legacy" applications, making use of message queuing and message brokers.

Michelangelo Adamo (Volvo Cars Belgium)

Mr. Michelangelo Adamo is active in the automotive sector since 1973, first as programmer and then as analyst. He is now the IS / IT Responsible for Volvo Cars Belgium (Importer) when it comes to the Start up, Implementation and Support of all local and global IT projects, dealer systems and Corporate systems as well as for the Hardware of the Brussels offices.

Michel Keymeulen (Xpower NV)
Xpower NV

Michel Keymeulen founded Xpower NV in 1993 after several years of experience in software development for dealer management systems, with the ambition of providing thin-client full-featured software solutions for the bigger companies active in garage business. He can rely on more than 15 years of software development and integration experience. Xpower provides a total solution for all companies byuing, repairing, rebuilding, renting etc, machinery, cars, trucs and other investment goods. The solution covers all business aspect of this vertical market going from CRM, workplace, invoicing, planning, warehouse, time-registration to e-commerce. Xpower is a Progress ISV that only implements thin-client solutions and has a lot of experience in B2B communications with a lot of different brand distributors like Iveco, Volvo, Landrover, Nissan and others.

Patrick Reyniers (EANDIS)

Patrick Reyniers, EAI Manager, Electrabel NVPatrick Reyniers is Manager Shared Services & Solution Center at Electrabel, where he has been working for the past 19 years. The EAI project started in 2002 to allow the split and reorganisation of the necessary applications with respect to the energy deregulation. Since January 2004, he is responsible for the Shared Services and Solution Center inside ITS of Electrabel, which combines the EAI competence center, Development (SAP, Java, .Net, ..), application security, printing & archiving and e-business application service delivery. Since 2003 he is also a freelance consultant for trainings related to integration methods and techniques.

Peter Hinssen (Across Technology)
Across Technology

Ir. Peter Hinssen is an entrepreneur, lecturer and writer. Currently, he is chairman of Porthus NV, which he co-founded in 1999. Porthus is one of the leading providers of OnDemand IT solutions. Peter is also co-founder of Across Technology, a consultancy company for IT Strategy, Business/IT Alignment and Change Management.

In 1995, Peter started his Internet ventures by launching e-COM, an Internet Agency that focused on the Intranet/Portal market and was acquired in 1999 by Alcatel, and which was renamed to Alcatel e-COM and later to The e-Corporation. From 2000 he was Entrepreneur in Residence with McKinsey & Company, where he worked for 2 years on entrepreneurship, e-government and business/IT alignment.

Peter worked together with John Henderson ('Strategic alignment between business and IT'), Nicholas Carr ('IT doesn't matter') and Peter Weill ('Enterprise Architecture as Strategy') in strategic alignment projects for e.g. ING, FORTIS, Johnson & Johnson and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

He just finished the book "Business/IT Fusion. How to move beyond Alignment and transform IT in your organization" (published by Mach Media NV, ISBN: 9789081324236, 280 pages, hardcover).

Wilfried Baeten is Solutions Director at Porthus. He is responsible for product strategy and customer architectures for the various competence domains of the Porthus Group (i.e. B2B integration, Thin Client Computing and ICT Application &Infrastructure Management). Wilfried is a Civil Engineer (KUL) and has many years of experience in ICT consultancy, project management and technological product development.

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