Architecture Friday
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    Architecture Friday

    Seminar and Discussion about Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture

    Date: 26 June 2009 (10.00-16.30h)
    Location: Crowne Plaza Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)
    Price: 250 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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    About this seminar

    The value of enterprise architecture (EA) as a technical framework for managing and delivering large ICT programs has been proven and is no longer in question. However, we come to the stunning observation that although the ICT projects are becoming larger and more complex in the globalized new economy, senior business managers have not yet adopted enterprise architecture as a useful decision support tool. During this seminar, we will look at what is holding them back and how next-generation enterprise architectures can overcome this problem.

    This seminar is a rare opportunity to hear 3 experts in the field of EA at a single event:

    We have the opportunity of having these excellent speakers at a seminar in Belgium, because they are all involved in the ICE’09 (International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising) workshop in the Netherlands about Interoperability and Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture on June 23-24. Peter Bernus is co-chairing that workshop, and Pat Turner and John Gøtze are in the International Program Committee.

    During this seminar, we will discuss what is holding business managers back on the use of enterprise architecture as a strategic decision support tool and how next-generation enterprise architectures can overcome this problem.

    Hence, we will take a look at:

    Who should attend ?

    This seminar is particularly useful for anyone who is (or wants to be) involved in enterprise architecture, or has to deal with EA and enterprise architects. This includes, but is not restricted to Business Managers, Program Managers, Technology Managers, Technical Staff, ...

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