Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Take a flying start into enterprise architecture with this (airline-case-based) intensive workshop that links strategy, business and technology

11-14 March 2014 (10-18h)
Location: Golden Tulip Brussels Airport (Diegem)
Presented in English by John Gotze
Price: 2400 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Build an Enterprise Architecture in 4 Days !

  Based on the book:

An Introduction To Enterprise Architecture (Paperback, 2nd edition)

Enterprise architecture is not a goal, but an essential instrument to improve communication, alignment and cooperation between business and IT. This workshop will show you that building an EA involves a lot of communication with:

  • business responsibles about e.g. strategy, mission and vision, ...
  • domain and business experts about business initiatives, products and services
  • business process experts about business operations
  • HR about roles and responsibilities
  • IT about systems, applications, networks, databases, ...
  • and with cross-cutting experts in security, governance, business continuity, standardisation and innovation

Building an EA is not a simple task and it obviously takes more than 4 days. However, we will show you what is involved, the tips and tricks to do it better and faster, and how you can tackle some of the problems and caveats that you will undoubtably encounter.

Imagine yourself as a member of the enterprise architecture team of the large airline company "Enterprise Airways" (EA). Airline companies are operating in a highly competitive and ever-changing market, with very demanding customers and strict regulations by governments, the FAA, etc.

This workshop will teach you how to apply enterprise architecture concepts through a class-wide architecture project that develops a web-based EA repository and integrated set of basic EA artifacts:

  • document/model strategic initiatives and measures
  • business requirements for processes and services
  • and supporting technology solutions including information systems, applications, databases, websites, networks, security, and standards.

The course will also cover best practices to develop EA artifacts in a manner that promotes linkage between the strategic, business, and technology. After all, EA = S + B + T.

Very practical and intensive workshop, covering many EA aspects and artifacts:

  • This workshop is very practical and guides you through the process of constructing & finding many artifacts of your current as-is architecture.
  • During the group-based exercises, discussions within your team and with other teams will be very useful and reflect real-world discussions
  • You will learn how to approach the to-be architecture and how this impacts your current architecture

This workshop contains the following parts:

  • Day 1: Getting up to speed
    • What is Enterprise Architecture ?
    • Enterprise Architecture Defined
    • EA Inputs and Drivers
    • EA Outcomes
    • EA Activities
    • EA Core Elements
    • Introduction to the "Enterprise Airways" case study
    (this is a very intensive day, hope you are well-prepared and have had enough sleep)
  • Day 2: Documenting Sub-Architectures
    • Strategy Sub-Architecture: strategic plan, SWOT analysis, concept of operations (CONOPS), Balanced Scorecard, strategy map
    • Business Sub-Architecture: Business plan, process diagram, activities, business use cases, ...
    • Data Sub-Architecture: knowledge management plan, information exchange and CRUD matrix, data models, data dictionary, ...
    • Systems and Applications Sub-Architecture: interfaces, communication, data flow, performance, data exchange, ...
    • Network and Infrastructure Sub-Architecture: connectivity diagrams, inventories, ...
    • Security Sub-Architecture: security plan and solutions, continuity of operations, disaster recovery
    • Standards Documentation
    • Workforce Documentation: workforce plan, org chart, knowledge and skills
  • Day 3: Implementing Sub-Architectures
    • Implementing the Strategy, Business, Data, Application Sub-Architecture
    • Putting Strategy & Business and Data & Systems Artifacts in an EA repository
    • Implementing the Network and Security Sub-Architecture & Putting it in the EA repository
  • Day 4: Where do you go from here ?
    • Current and future architectures and views
    • Target architecture workshop
    • Reviewing an EA Management Plan

Be better prepared for EA projects

Following this workshop, participants will be better prepared to participate in and add value at an intermediate level in EA projects in private and public sector organizations, including documentation, modeling, archiving, tool use, and task accomplishment. This will result in improved EA program success, higher quality EA products, improved communication with EA program stakeholders, and increased EA value delivery.

At the end of the 4-day "Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts" workshop, participants will receive an attendance certificate issued by I.T. Works and EA Fellows.

Who should attend this practical enterprise architecture workshop ?

This workshop is particularly useful for anyone who is involved in enterprise architecture.

This includes, but is not restricted to Business Managers, Program Managers, Technology Managers, Technical Staff.

This workshop is organised in cooperation with CMU logo and EA Fellows. The number of participants is limited to 16 for maximum interaction and learning experience. During this workshop, free wifi Internet access will be available to our participants.


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