Applied and Advanced Enterprise Architecture Concepts
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    Applied and Advanced Enterprise Architecture Concepts

    Build an Enterprise Architecture, and Embed it in your Enterprise

      11 March-16 May 2014 (10-18h)
      Golden Tulip Brussels Airport (Diegem)
      Price: 3780 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English

    by John Gotze by John Gotze

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    Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts - 11-14 March 2014 (10-18h)

    This practical and intensive case-based workshop leads you through the trenches of EA, introducing all major artifacts of your as-is and to-be architecture. During this workshop, you are an enterprise architect of the large airline company Enterprise Airways. Airline companies are operating in a highly competitive and ever-changing market, with very demanding customers and strict regulations by governments, the FAA, ...

    This workshop will teach you how to apply enterprise architecture concepts through a class-wide architecture project that develops a web-based EA repository and integrated set of basic EA artifacts. This course will also cover best practices to develop EA artifacts in a matter that promotes linkage between the strategic, business and technology level. After All, EA = S + B + T.

    Advanced Enterprise Architecture Concepts - 14-16 May 2014 (10-18h)

    This workshop links EA to your business, explains the role and the value of EA, gets "EA thinking and doing" in your company, and shows you how to build your own EA drEAm tEAm. After all, EA is not the goal, but an essential instrument to better communication, alignment and cooperation between business and IT.

    We answer these and other questions: How do you use an enterprise architecture, how do run an EA team and an EA Competence Center (EACC), and how do you measure and improve the maturity of enteprrise architecture throughout your company ? This course will also cover advanced concepts on linking EA to other governance processes, including capital budget planning, program management, security, and human resources management.

      Based on the Book:

    An Introduction To Enterprise Architecture (Paperback, 2nd edition)
    Get this great paperback (Authorhouse, 2nd edition, ISBN: 1420880500) free with your workshop participation.

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