The Future of Big Data: Smart Data-Driven Business
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    The Future of Big Data: Smart Data-Driven Business

    From Fast Data and the Internet of Data to AI and GDPR. An inspirational and eye-opening seminar with 5 top speakers on how to turn big data into a competitive advantage

    Date:  7 June 2017 (14-21h)
    Location: Parker Hotel (Diegem)
    Price: 720 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)


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    What will you learn at this unique event on the future of big data ?

    Big data, advanced analytics and smart business are now at the top of every corporate agenda. Together, they promise to transform the way companies do business. This seminar looks at the future of big data, which is not just about tools or technologies, but about turning your company into a smart data-driven business.

    Together with various experts in the field of big data, we look at the trends that are forcing us to become data-driven and the opportunities that this brings, but we also look at the challenges in terms of data protection and privacy.

    We also explore the next big step for big data, where machine learning and deep learning algorithms will analyse these vast quantities of data, and quickly derive actionable insights. In the near future, routine tasks will be automated based on all available data, and this will result in massive productivity gains.

    Turn smart data-driven business into your competitive advantage by attending this one-day seminar, and learn from our thought-provoking speakers in the big data field at this unique one-day seminar:

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