Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Trends, technologies and tools.

29 June 2004 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
Presented in English
Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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This seminar covers all phases of justifying, planning and deploying a comprehensive IAM solution that integrates directory services, user management, authentication, and access management. If you want to investigate the growing need for identity management, don't miss this unique one-day seminar.

Questions answered in this seminar

  • What is the strategic and business justification for identity and access management (IAM) ?
  • What are the business goals, how do you build a business case, and how do justify the ROI for an IAM project ?
  • What are the leading tools on the market, and do you need a best-of-breed solutions or an integrated end-to-end solution ?
  • How can IAM help in migrating and upgrading from one operating system to another ?
  • Learn how IAM will dramatically reduce the number of password-related calls to the helpdesk
  • Find out how IAM will increase enterprise portal security and effectiveness through automated user profile updates
  • Many other questions will be answered, including yours if you send them to

Who should attend this seminar ?

  • Security architects and technical managers who need to justify, design and build an identity and access management infrastructure, and others who would like to learn more about the status of IAM technology and IAM solutions.
  • Everybody who wants to know the state-of-the-art in identity & access management, application-level security, single sign-on, ..., etc.
  • Security managers who have to build a business case for IAM
  • Security and IT auditors who need to audit security infrastructures
  • IT managers who need to understand the concepts behind identity management such as single sign-on, role-based access control, provisioning, federation, ...

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