Identity and Privilege Management

Identity and Privilege Management

How to avoid an identity crisis in your company

28 March 2007 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
Presented in English
Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Why do we organize this seminar ?

"Identity and Privilege Management" can be a true business enabler as well as an effective way to cut costs if it is correctly introduced in an organization. It can also help an organization to get control of whom has access to what (and as such provide critical assurance). Regrettably the market is full of noise with regard to Identity and Access Management and also the major topic / the key success factor being identity & privilege management is not well understood, so please come and join us for this seminar to demystify the subject and give management a clear understanding of the subject.

Many things drive organisations to set up an Identity, Access and Privilege Management (IAM/PRM) environment (and should be reasons to attend):

  • (e)Business and the requirement to open up internal resources and applications to business partners, clients, etc, drive organisations to set up environments that allow them to do so securely. IAM/PRM helps organisations to securely enable (e)business.
  • Regulations like HIPAA, SOX, Basel II and others drive organisations to be able to prove that they have things under control and have taken the required measures. IAM/PRM is one of the cornerstones to achieve this.
  • Many organisations have a huge amount of systems and applications, and in each of them users have an account. The management of all those identities and authorisations (and coinciding costs) is tremendous. A solid IAM/PRM-environment helps to drastically limit costs.
  • Security and especially control (e.g. separation of duties) is becoming increasingly important. The ways in which organisations now manage identities and access rights make it very difficult if not impossible to audit access rights. Modern IAM/PRM-architectures allow you to get a controllable and auditable environment.

Who should attend this seminar ?

The goal of this seminar is to demystify the subject, to help management to understand what is involved, to give insight into the critical success factors to obtain business-enabling, cost-control, assurance, etc.

Therefore this seminar should be attended by:

  • Business managers needing to understand and ask the correct questions
  • B2B/B2C-project-leaders wanting a global picture and understand the issues
  • Auditors / Governance wanting/needing to obtain assurance
  • IT managers and Architects in search of a reality check


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