SEMINAR: Identity and Entitlement Management

SEMINAR: Identity and Entitlement Management

Towards Effective Identity Management, Services and Controls

  • 23 October 2008 (14-21)

  • Pullman Diegem (Diegem)
  • Price: 590 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
  • Presented in English


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    Why do we organize this seminar ?

    Identity & Access Management (IAM) has become a very unclear topic in the market these days. Many organizations, many stakeholders, and many suppliers & vendors understand very different things under the term IAM, so it is no wonder that 2 out of 3 IAM-projects fail. This seminar wants to give you a clear overview and understanding of this complex, but for most organizations quite essential solution to security, compliancy and risk management.

    This seminar intends to:

    The newest trend in IAM is called "entitlement management", which goes one step beyond authentication, leading to finer-grained access control. While authentication is about who is allowed on your network or in your application, entitlement management is about who is allowed to do what. Traditionally, such entitlements have been built into each of the applications your enterprise has. The new strategy is to remove access management from the applications, and to run it as a centralised shared service. Entitlement management can be used to strengthen the security of Web services, Web applications, legacy applications, documents and files, and physical security systems. This will lead to tighter, more granular security that is more specific to your set of users and their roles, easier to enforce and change policies, as well as better auditability and compliance.

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    This seminar wil help you to find your way in the IAM-jungle, to understand the issues to reckon with, and to bring your project/program towards a success. Therefore this seminar should be attended by:

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