IBM's Information Management Strategy

IBM's Information Management Strategy

Where is IBM heading with its database, middleware, integration and other information management products ?

1 June 2006 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
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An Overview of IBM's Information Management Strategy

Information and data management as a strategic asset

  • The convergence of data movement (ETL), application integration (EAI) and information integration (EII) solutions
  • The need for Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Integration (CDI)
  • Data quality and "one version of the truth"
  • Real-time decision support and data warehousing 2.0

IBM's Response to Major Trends in IT Today

  • Applications and information on demand, grid computing, virtualisation
  • The growing importance of business processes and service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • The need to integrate data from many different systems in various applications
  • IBM's Information Management stack
An Overview of IBM's DB2 Data Management Portfolio
  • DB2 Family: DB2 for z/OS, iSeries, Linux, Unix, Windows, ...: differences and similarities
  • DB2 Express: what and why ?
  • DB2 vs. other IBM databases (Informix, Cloudscape/Derby, IMS)
  • DB2 vs. non-IBM databases (Microsoft, Oracle, open source, ...)
  • IBM's Master Data Management (MDM) solutions
  • Working in mixed database environments
  • Migration and consolidation aspects: how easy is it to switch databases ?
  • ...
More Advanced Features of DB2
  • Business Intelligence features in SQL (rollup and cube) and via physical design (partitioning, compression, ...)
  • Features for availability and scalability
  • z/OS and data sharing
  • Logical unit of work (LUW) services: HADR, HACMP, Windows Cluster
  • Availability types: failover, clustering active-active nodes
  • Cross-platform support: stored procedures, embedded CLR for Windows, SQL reference for cross-platform support
  • The next-generation DB2 (Viper)
Application Development with IBM's Information Management Solutions
  • Development platform: Java or .NET ?
  • Development tools: Eclipse, WebSphere Studio, Visual Studio, ... ?
  • ...
An Overview of IBM's Information Integration Strategy
  • WebSphere Information Integration (WSII, also known as DB2 II or "Masala")
  • Solutions for data transformation, data movement, federation and metadata management
  • Data quality and data governance options
  • XML support: XML Extender, V9 XML datatype, XQuery support on LUW, DataPower, ...
  • DB2-SAP integration: Why is DB2 still SAP's platform of reference ?
  • Whatever happened to Crossworlds, Ascential, Bowstreet, DataPower, ... ?
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