ITIL: An Introduction, Positioning and Evaluation

ITIL: An Introduction, Positioning and Evaluation

What is ITIL, why is this important, and how do you introduce ITIL ?

11 October 2006 (14-21)
Location: Business Faculty Brussel (Neder-over-Heembeek)
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Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) describes a set of "best practices" to organise the ICT services in a company in an optimal and professional way. It aims to improve the quality of the (ICT) services and the relationships with (internal) customers. ITIL has been around for a while, but has gained widespread popularity in recent years.

Most IT specialists in Belgium know about ITIL, and the acronym is being used in a lot of company meetings. However, thorough knowledge of ITIL is rare, and its terminology is often misunderstood.

This seminar will present you with the context in which ITIL must be considered. It will give you an overview of ITIL and the ITIL management processes. Furthermore, you'll get guidance in how to tackle an ITIL implementation project and which tools can be used thereby. Finally the relationship between ITIL and other frameworks and methodologies (such as CobiT, IPW and MOF) will be discussed.

A real-life case will illustrate the ITIL implementation and show the achieved results.

What questions will be answered during this seminar ?

  • What is ITIL about ? And what is ITIL not about ?
  • What can ITIL do for my company?
  • Is my company ready for ITIL?
  • What does an ITIL implementation encompass and how do you start?
  • How do ITIL and other frameworks and methodologies relate to each other (such as CobiT, IPW, MOF, ISO 9000, Six Sigma...)

Who should attend this seminar ?

  • IT managers, Operations managers, and their co-workers who want to understand how ITIL can optimize IT service & ICT operations
  • Business Managers who want to improve their cooperation with the IT department and better understand IT service management
  • ICT specialists who consider implementing ITIL, and that want get a good picture of what ITIL implies and what is possible using ITIL
  • Everyone who is interested in optimising the functioning of the ICT department

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