Legal Aspects of Information Technology
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    Legal Aspects of Information Technology

    Basic legal issues IT managers and software developers need to know about Information Technology and Law

      25 October 2005 (14-21)
      Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
      Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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    Why this seminar?

    IT decision makers frequently have to deal with legal aspects of IT. Companies have to lay down the quality of IT services and products they purchase or deliver into legally binding contracts.

    IT as a tool for internal use is neither free from legal pitfalls: not everything that is technically feasible, is consistent with general-purpose legislation (e.g. privacy-issues) and a lot of IT and software applications are subject to specific laws (e.g. the electronic signature).

    IT managers should primarily be experts in their own field, but they should also be aware of the legal aspects of IT usage and the do's and don'ts while drafting IT contracts.

    This is why we invited two lawyers who will present lessons from their years of practical experience in legal IT advice during a one-day seminar, tailor-made for IT decision makers. They will try to answer most, if not all of your questions on the legal aspects of IT.

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    • If you are dealing with contracts with other parties: outsourcing, software development, service contracts, ...
    • If you are involved in decision-making about e-mail policies, HR applications, storage and security of (personal) data.
    • If you are responsible for software development and you have questions on intellectual property issues.

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