" The New Normal: Get Used to IT

The New Normal: Get Used to IT

Peter Hinssen about the impact of the digital revolution on information management, customer interaction, governance, and IT

30 November 2010 (14-21h)
Location: Pullman Diegem (Diegem)
Presented in English by
Price: 640 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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 Learning Objectives

About this seminar:

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The New Normal - Explore the Limits of the Digital World

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The New Normal is about all things we call "digital". Information is at our fingertips in electronic form through the Internet, Intranets, search engines, accessible via smartphones, tablet PC's, ..., and every company is making sure that its knowledge workers have access to internal and external information in digital format. Every process and workflow is dematerialized and automated. Digital natives are changing the workplace, and technology is a very important part of their life. We just have to accept that business isn't as usual anymore. Digital is becoming the New Normal.

But the digital revolution is probably only halfway. During this unique one-day seminar, Peter Hinssen will explore the world of "digital" once weve crossed the halfway point, specifically looking at the new rules of the digital normal and the impact of the New Normal on customer interaction, information management, governance, innovation and technology.

Topics covered are e.g.:

  • Why digital becomes the New Normal and why we are only halfway this digital revolution
  • The impact of The New Normal on society, business and IT
  • The limits of The New Normal
  • The rules of The New Normal
  • The impact on customer interaction and customer strategies
  • The impact on information management and information strategies
  • Governance in the New Normal
  • The future of your IT strategy, your IT department and your CIO
  • New Ways of Working (Het Nieuwe Werken) (work is the time you spend using old technology)
  • Cloud Computing (you aint' see nothing yet)
  • Social Media and Social Business
  • The App Economy (Isn't there an app for that ?)
  • Crowdsourcing and using the wisdom of the crowd
  • Innovative innovation strategies

Who should attend this seminar ?

This seminar is particularly aimed at decision makers, both business people who are involved in decisions about IT strategy, investments and innovation, as well as IT professionals who are dealing with the business impact and the business benefits of the New Normal.

 Full Programme

FREE BOOK with your seminar participation:

The New Normal - Explore the Limits of the Digital World

Get this brandnew book (published by Mach Media) free with your seminar participation.

13.30h - 14.00h
Registration, coffee/tea and croissants
Introducing the New Normal and its Limits
  • We are at the halfway mark in the digital revolution
  • A brief history of digital
  • Digital immigrants versus digital natives
  • The New Normal in the workplace
  • The four I's: information, intelligence, integration and innovation
  • Can you adapt to the New Normal ?
  • What are the limits of digitization ?
  • What are your limits ?
Rules of the New Normal
  • Rule #1: Zero tolerance for digital failure
  • Rule #2: Good enough beats perfect
  • Rule #3: The era of total accountability
  • Rule #4: Abandon absolute control
  • What do these new rules mean for your business ?
Coffee/Tea and Refreshments + Networking Opportunity
Customer strategies for the New Normal
  • Contact is King, and the user is the dictator
  • The experience economy
  • The new patterns
  • What will be the impact on your customer strategies ?
Information strategies for the New Normal
  • The value of information
  • From puzzles to mysteries
  • Quantum thinking in information
  • Drivers of information strategy
  • Its not information overload, its filter failure
  • How does the New Normal influence your information strategies ?
Organisations and their Governance in the New Normal
  • Total accountability zooms in
  • Intrapreneurship
  • The boundaries of the New Normal
  • Entrepreneurs in the New Normal
  • The Company and You
  • Conclusion: how will this impact your organisation ?
17h45 - 19h00
Walking Dinner Buffet, with plenty of Networking Opportunities
Innovation in the New Normal
  • The seeds of innovation
  • From R&D to C&D, Connect & Develop
  • Open Innovation
  • What does this mean for your company ?
Technology Strategy for the New Normal
  • From Build, to Buy, to Compose
  • Commoditization and the cloud
  • From Cloud 1.0 to Cloud 2.0 and beyond
  • Multi-tenancy and rethinking IT
  • Conclusion: Towards a new Technology Innovation Organization
Summary and Conclusions
  • The big picture
  • Recap
  • Were halfway there
  • So what happens next?
End of this Seminar


Peter Hinssen (Across Technology)
Peter Hinssen Across Technology

Peter Hinssen is one of Europe's leading thought leaders on the impact of technology on our society. He has a focus on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the Alignment between Business and IT. He collaborates with organizations in the areas of IT Strategy, Transformation, Fusion and Coaching, in Europe as well as in North America.

Peter Hinssen is co-founder of Across Group and CEO of Across Technology. An entrepreneur, lecturer and writer, he is also the former chairman of Porthus and has been an Entrepreneur in Residence with McKinsey & Company.

In the 90s, Peter Hinssen was founder and CEO at e-COM Interactive, a leading Internet consultancy firm, where he implemented some of the first large-scale Internet and e-commerce projects in Europe.

Peter is currently involved as a coach to executives to develop future innovation perspectives, and is a board advisor on subjects related to innovation and IT. He develops executive education workshops and awareness sessions to bridge business challenges with IT solutions, and to leverage the innovation potential of IT.

He lectures on IT Strategy at various business schools in Europe such as the London Business School (UK). Peter is a passionate keynote speaker frequently welcomed at Global CIO Forum and conferences around the world.

His book Business/IT Fusion. How to Move Beyond Alignment and Transform IT in Your Organization (2009) has become a best-selling management book. In his more recent book The New Normal, he demonstrates how changing customer behaviour causes organisations to innovate in terms of products, services and organisation. For more information on this, visit Peter's own Web site.

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