PKI and Digital Signatures Update
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    PKI and Digital Signatures Update

    Benefit from a technology finally becoming mature (PKI: from Please Kill It to Promote and Keep It)

      28 June 2006 (14-21)
      Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
      Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English



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    Why do we organize this seminar ?

    Although PKI and related technologies have been around for a long time, there was a clear reluctance from the market to use them. Among others, the image of complexity/cost that hung around PKI (need for procedures, hyper-secure infrastructure, integration in applications, etc) fed this reluctance. But also and mainly, there were no real business needs for PKI and related technologies. At that time, the market was rather seeking (low-cost) simplification in business through a shift from paper to the electronic world and where applicable (low-cost) solutions for security-enhancements (mainly in the field of strong authentication).

    However, a few years ago, there was no legal framework around dematerialisation. Now that laws on e-commerce, electronic signatures, ... exist, there are no barriers anymore for dematerialisation. And very rapidly, one can see that behind dematerialisation, PKI is becoming unavoidable... because dematerialisation relies on the functional features provided by PKI, i.e., e-signature, strong authentication, encryption.

    Also, evolution and some regulations (like SOX) raised the bar with relation to security-enhancements and controls. Some controls are no longer enough. Shortcomings may lead to potential liabilities. Some business-scenarios are even too risky if proper security is not embedded. So also here there is a growing need for the functional features provided by PKI, i.e., e-signature, strong authentication, encryption.

    At the same time, there is an emergence in the market of low(er)-cost reliable tools/solutions (and embedding of related functions in every-day ICT-solutions/platforms). Also, we see the advent of national electronic Identity (eID) cards in Europe which raises awareness and possibilities. This, joint to the fact that the need for dematerialisation is today becoming so high and the related potential ROI's are so clear today, makes PKI boom today.

    Currently the most important questions do not relate to whether or not it should be used but on how to correctly and cost-effectively implement and use it (i.e. with legal compliance, with the accurate level of security, with a sufficient level of interoperability with third parties, on which buildings blocks to rely, within which budget, ) while benefiting from current implementations such as national eID's. All these questions will be treated during the seminar and highlighted with recent use cases.

    This seminar is presented by Erik R. van Zuuren and Cristof Fleurus of Ascure NV, and by Sylvie Lacroix and Olivier Delos of SEALED, who are working together in multiple PKI projects within government and private industry.

    Questions answered during this seminar:

    This seminar answers many questions on how to correctly implement PKI and related technologies today:

    Also links will be made with public initiatives like the Belgian eID-initiative:

    All these questions and topics will be treated during the seminar and highlighted with recent use-cases.

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    This seminar will be useful for anyone needing to have a practical update from a business- or security-perspective on the PKI- and related technologies, including eID schemes, as well as the regulatory framework for supporting electronic signatures, strong authentication schemas and/or encryption. Functionally speaking these persons can be:

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