Data and Information Protection
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    Data and Information Protection

    Secure your data and keep it in your company

      24 October 2006 (14-21)
      Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport (Diegem)
      Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English


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    Why do we organize this seminar ?

    Today, information is a very important asset of many companies and these companies need to keep their information confidential internally as well as externally. The last few months have given us many examples how confidential information got lost and was exposed to the outside world.

    Data confidentiality is not only a concern for companies and organisation towards the outside world, but also in the company itself. With the introduction of digital rights management (DRM) systems, companies can decide who can do what with which specific document or content.

    It is not only important to protect confidential data, but also to protect the hardware device where this data is stored on. People are becoming more mobile using laptops, mobile phones, PDA's and so on which means that the information becomes more mobile. As a company, you should make sure that the devices used by your employees are protected so that the data stored on it can never be recovered by an unauthorized person.

    Questions answered during this seminar:

    This seminar explains how to correctly implement data protection solutions and related technologies nowadays:

    • What is the risk ?
    • What are the required procedures ?
    • What are the required policies ?
    • How can I protect my applications ?
    • What about device security ?
    • How can I strongly identify my users ?
    • How can my company benefit from Digital Rights Management solutions ?
    • What (supporting) infrastructure do I need ?

    All these questions will be treated during the seminar and highlighted with recent use cases.

    Who should attend this seminar ?

    Any person needing to have a practical update from a business or security perspective on data protection and related technologies.

    Functionally speaking these persons can be:

    • business managers, eGov-managers, B2B/B2C-project leaders
    • legal persons / auditors looking for an update in this field
    • architects and technical staff wanting to get a status update and overview

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