Systems Thinking: a Crucial BA Skill in an Uncertain World
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    Systems Thinking: a Crucial BA Skill in an Uncertain World

    This practical workshop teaches you what systems thinking is, and how to use it in a business analysis context.

      14 March 2019 (14-21h)
      Parker Hotel (Diegem)
      Price: 720 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English by Adrian Reed

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    13.30h - 14.00h
    Registration, coffee/tea and croissants

    In this first section, we dive deeper into the nature of an interconnected world, definition of a 'system' and an introduction to systems thinking and practice.

    Considering a Situation of Interest

    Here, we give an introduction to techniques and concepts that are useful when initially considering a problematic situation, including:

    • Differentiating between a 'difficulty' and a 'mess',
    • The traps of linear thinking
    • Introduction to systems concept of 'feedback' and 'emergence'
    • A BA technique for external environment analysis
    Dinner Buffet
    Techniques and Concepts

    Here, we introduce and practice a whole range of systems techniques and concepts including:

    • Rich pictures
    • Multiple cause diagrams
    • Causal loops
    • Discussion of 'appreciation' and organisational learning
    Systems Thinking in Business Analysis

    Here, we align systems thinking to typical business analysis activities, using IIBA®'s BABOK® Guide


    Throughout the workshop there will be the opportunity to reflect and to consider and discuss where new knowledge gained during this course will be applied in your own projects.

    End of this workshop, let's go home and apply what we have learned !

    And find out who presents this training ...

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