TOGAF9 Practitioner Training (level 2)
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    TOGAF9 Practitioner Training (level 2)

    Advanced overview of how to use TOGAF9 for your daily business, enterprise or IT architecture tasks

    Date: 7-8 June 2011 (10-18u)
    Location: Crowne Plaza Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)
    Price: 1350 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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    Why should you attend this TOGAF9 Practitioner (Level 2) workshop ?

    TOGAF, The Open Group Architecture Framework, is more and more used all over the world to design, evaluate, and build the right, fitting architecture for their organization. It is an open standard, managed by The Open Group. According to TOGAF, enterprise architecture (EA) is "the fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relations between each other and the environment, and the guidelines and principles that govern the design". TOGAF assists in the integration and management of IT resources from a strategy and business driven point of view. It describes the process of acceptation, production, use and maintenance of enterprise architecture.

    During this two-day Practitioner training, you will study TOGAF version 9 in detail. This workshop is for those who already have some knowledge of TOGAF 9, either through following (or self-studying) the Level 1 course or by being involved in a TOGAF project, and want to thoroughly understand and apply TOGAF 9 to their daily work activities.

    This course is also a preparation for the TOGAF level 2 multiple-choice, open-book exam at one of the Prometric test centers. Please refer to the website of The Open Group for more information on TOGAF certification.

    If you are looking for a TOGAF 9 workshop of superior quality, then this TOGAF Certification training, offered to you by The Open Group and the TOGAF certified training center BiZZdesign, and organized by I.T. Works, is something for you! Furthermore, it is organized in only 2 days, whereas most of our colleagues organize this training in 3 days, which saves you valuable time and money.

    Why you donít want to miss this workshop on TOGAF 9:

    TOGAF has become a de facto standard in enterprise architecture and the demand for TOGAF expertise has risen in recent years, which translates into a rising demand for TOGAF certification. Participants of this workshop get a thorough overview of the TOGAF 9 concepts and techniques, and how to use them. They are better prepared to participate in, and work with enterprise architecture projects which use TOGAF as an enterprise architecture process. As a result, the chances of success of an enterprise architecture program increase, better deliverables are obtained, better support of IT-resource planning and decision support is achieved and better communication is created with the stakeholders of the enterprise architecture program. Simply put, this training increases the added value of enterprise architecture !

    What will you learn during this workshop ?

    After completion of this two-day training, you will have:

    This workshop is organized in collaboration with BiZZdesign. The number of participants is limited to 16 for optimal interaction and a better learning experience.

    Who should participate in this TOGAF 9 workshop ?

    This Practitioner training is ideal for those that wish to utilize TOGAF 9 for their daily tasks, and/or for those who want to prepare for TOGAF9 Level 2 certification. After attending this TOGAF 9 Practitioner workshop, a participation certificate will be issued by I.T. Works and BiZZdesign. You will be prepared for the TOGAF 9 Level 2 certification exam that can be taken at a Prometric center, but neither this exam nor the exam fee are included in this workshop.

    This workshop is of interest for business-, enterprise- and IT-architects as well as consultants. It combines presentations and exercises to familiarize the participant with TOGAF9, the inputs and outputs of the various stages of the ADM, the security aspects in the architecture, as well as SOA governance aspects.

    Participants should be familiar with and have some knowledge of the TOGAF9 framework, either acquired by working with TOGAF9 in projects, or by following the TOGAF9 Level 1 workshop.

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