" Trustworthy & Ethical AI Conference

Trustworthy & Ethical AI Conference

Trust will be the key success factor for AI applications in 2020. Hear business cases, technical explanations, and lots of advice, tips and tricks

13 February 2020 (9h30-17h30)
Location: Parker Hotel (Diegem)
Presented in English by Patrick Van Eecke, Nazanin Gifani, Vincent Buekenhout, Deevid De Meyer, Martijn Cuypers, Jelle Hoedemaekers, Matthias Feys, Yves Peirsman, Karel Kremer, Hugo Pires, Paul Valckenaers, ...
Price: 350 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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 Learning Objectives

Trustworthy AI Conference - 13th of February 2020 - Brussels

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to become one of the most disruptive technological developments we have ever seen. AI is already a part of our every day life, and the more we involve and start to rely on AI, the more we'll need to be able to trust the recommendations and decisions that autonomous systems, AI solutions and robots make. Because whether you call it responsible AI, ethical AI, accountable AI, explainable AI, interpretable AI, fair AI, ... trust is going to be the key success factor in making the move from human-centered over augmented intelligence to artificial intelligence. What we need is machines you can trust, data you can trust, and results you can trust. But how do you get there?

During this conference, you will learn more about the regulatory and technical solutions to build trust and explainability into AI solutions, and to make sure that your automated decision making and "black box" solutions are unbiased, ethical, fair and trustworthy.

We will address both the problems and the solutions, the opportunities and the challenges of trustworthy AI solutions, by presenting strategies, guidelines and technologies for building trust and explainability into the AI solutions of the future.

Compact Programme of the Trustworthy AI Conference:
Time Rooms A & B
9h30 Words of Welcome by the Conference Chairmen Patrick Van Renterghem and Hans Arents (Senior Advisor Digital Government at Vlaamse Overheid (Rooms A + B)

Opening Keynote: Patrick Van Eecke - AI is here, offering many opportunities and challenges: how Europe is planning to regulate Artificial Intelligence

10h45 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Exhibitions
Morning Presentations (3 x 30 minutes + Q & A)
11h15 Making AI Ethical and Fair
13h00 Lunch, Networking and Exhibitions
Afternoon Presentations
14h00 Business Track - Afternoon Session
Technical Track - Afternoon Sessions
15h45 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Room Switch
16h15 Panel Discussion with speakers and participants, moderated by Deevid De Meyer (host of the Radio Raccoons podcast)
17h15 End of the Conference, Start of the Networking Drink

 Full Programme

During this conference, you will learn more about the regulatory and technical solutions to build trust and explainability into AI solutions, and to make sure that your automated decision making and "black box" solutions are unbiased, ethical, fair and trustworthy.

Full Programme of the Trustworthy AI Conference:
Registration with Coffee/Tea and Croissants, Networking and Exhibition
9h30 Words of Welcome by the Conference Chairmen Patrick Van Renterghem (CEO @ IT Works) and Hans Arents (Senior Advisor Digital Government at Vlaamse Overheid) (Rooms A + B)

Opening Keynote: Patrick Van Eecke - AI is here, offering many opportunities and challenges: how Europe is planning to regulate Artificial Intelligence

Patrick Van Eecke will discuss with you the impact of AI on our business practices and how European policy makers are planning to regulate the development and use of human-centric AI. In his talk, Patrick focuses on how Europe intends to regulate bias, fairness, ethics, trust and explainability of AI.

10h45 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Exhibitions
11h15 Morning Presentations (3 x 30 minutes + Q & A)
Rooms A+B
Making AI Ethical and Fair
Fairness and Transparency: Algorithmic Explainability, some Legal and Ethical Perspectives (Nazanin Gifani, Data Protection Officer, EURA NOVA)
In this presentation, some of the ethical and legal issues of automated decision making will be discussed, including algorithmic fairness, transparency and explainability. The big question here is: can AI help us to make fairer decisions ?
Ethical AI at VDAB (Vincent Buekenhout, Ethical AI Lead, VDAB)
Vincent looks at the various AI initiatives at VDAB, its AI4Good strategy, the way applications are designed, and most of all, the way ethics, measurements through KPI's, explainability and fairness play a role in this. Vincent will explain how ethics-by-design works at VDAB.
How to implement error-proof Machine Learning in business-critical processes with explainability and human-centric design (Deevid De Meyer, co-founder, Brainjar)
This presentation outlines how Brainjar uses human-centric design and explainability to create machine learning systems that work together with humans to improve efficiency while reducing error rate.
13h00 Lunch, Networking and Exhibitions
14h00 Afternoon Presentations
Room A
Business Track
Responsible AI: An Example AI Development Process with Focus on Risks and Controls (Martijn Cuypers, Insurance Director, and Hugo Pires, Senior Manager at PwC)
Organisations need to make sure that they use AI in an appropriate way. Martijn and Hugo explain how to ensure that the developments are ethically sound and comply with regulations, how to have end-to-end governance, and how to address bias and fairness, interpretability and explainability, and robustness and security.
During the conference, we'll be looking at an example AI development process with focussing on the risks to be managed and the controls that can be established.
Obedient Digital Twins: (Paul Valckenaers, Senior Researcher, UCLL)
Paul explains how intelligence is added to a corresponding reality without introducing limitations into a world-of-interest. The outcome is obedience: a conflict with an obedient digital twin is a conflict with its real-world counterpart. Illustrated by healthcare examples.
AI & Ethics: The Belgian Industry Vision & Initiatives (Jelle Hoedemaekers, Expert ICT Standardisation, Agoria)
Jelle will explain why Belgian companies are working on ethical AI, and provide an overview of Belgian and European AI Initiatives with a focus on ethics.
Room B
Technical Track: Adding Explainability and Removing Bias in Machine Learning, NLP and Chatbots
Introduction to Bias in ML (Machine Learning) (Matthias Feys, CTO, ML6)
In this talk, you will learn what bias in ML models actually means. You will get insights in the complexity of the problem and learn realistic ways to reduce bias.
He Said, She Said: Finding and Fixing Bias in NLP (Natural Language Processing) (Yves Peirsman, NLP Town)
Yves presents several instances where bias has posed a risk to the successful adoption of NLP systems, and discusses what techniques exist to discover these biases before the systems are put in production.
Building Trust and Explainability into Chatbots: the Partena Ziekenfonds Business Case (Karel Kremer, CTO of Oswald)
Chatbots and conversational interfaces are taking over customer service departments by storm. In many companies, they provide first-line support to customers. Based on the Partena Ziekenfonds business case, Karel will share a few critical success factors...
15h45 Coffee/Tea, Networking and Room Switch
16h15 Panel Discussion with speakers and participants, moderated by Deevid De Meyer

17h15 End of the Conference, Start of the Networking Drink


Patrick Van Eecke (DLA Piper)
DLA Piper

Patrick Van Eecke, Lic.Iur., LL.M., is a lawyer and leads the e-business department of the international law firm DLA Piper, which has 4200 lawyers in 30 countries and more than 60 offices.

Patrick Van Eecke is recommended by the Legal 500 and the European Legal Experts as one of the top lawyers in ICT law in Belgium. He is ranked as 1st Belgian lawyer in the "Guide to the World's Leading Technology, Media & Telecommunications Lawyers" and is also in the world's Top 20.

Patrick is a professor at the University of Antwerp, teaching European Information and Communications Law. He is also a guest lecturer on Internet law at various universities, such as Solvay Business Institute, Kings College London and Queen Mary University of London (LL.M. Information Technology Law).

Patrick is member of the Brussels bar (since 1994) and is an associate member of the American Bar Association.

Participants of previous sessions with Patrick were very excited, making remarks like "Heel veel interactie, zeer positief!", "Very interesting discussions", "Great examples and use cases", "duidelijke, concrete voorbeelden, pertinent", ...

Nazanin Gifani (Eura Nova)
Eura Nova

Nazanin Gifani is a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and privacy expert at the technology consulting company Euro Nova. In her capacity, she regularly provides GDPR training and consultancy in data protection issues in sectors such as transportation, health, and technology. The focus of her work has been on artificial intelligence, privacy by design, data security, and data ethics.

She is a certified data protection professional (CIPP-E) and has an LLM in international law from Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Previously, She has given talks in events such as 'IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) KnowledgeNet' and the 'DI Summit'.

Vincent Buekenhout (VDAB)

Vincent Buekenhout is Ethical AI Lead at VDAB, the public employment service of Flanders.

Hans Arents (Flemish Government)
Flemish Government

Hans C. Arents is senior advisor digital government in the Flanders Information Agency, the agency tasked with the transformation of the Flemish regional government and local governments into a fully digital government. He is responsible for formulating forward-looking e-government policy and encouraging radical innovation in digital government service delivery.

Yves Peirsman (NLP Town)
NLP Town

Yves Peirsman is the founder and natural language processing expert at NLP Town. Yves started his career as a PhD student at the University of Leuven and a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University.

Since he founded NLP Town to help organizations get more out of their texts, he has gained extensive experience in consultancy and software development for NLP projects in a variety of domains (health, legal, HR, education, finance, etc.).

Yves is also the organizer of the Belgium NLP Meetup, a regular event that brings together NLP enthusiasts in Belgium.

Deevid De Meyer (Craftworkz/Brainjar)

Deevid De Meyer is one of the mad engineers at Craftworkz. Deevid has been highly involved in building robotic applications. At Craftworkz, we take the whole "humanoid robot"-story one step further by adding some AI sauce on top of the robot application which adds an extra dimension. Deevid is the go-to person when it comes to AI & robotics.

Matthias Feys (ML6)

Matthias Feys is CTO at ML6 and Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Machine Learning & Cloud.

ML6 focuses on state-of-the-art ML projects & has experience with bias in ML for some of its projects, specifically in the context of recruiting. ML6 has set up an ethical AI workgroup internally that have come up with internal guidelines & are also partner for national & European initiatives to regulate this field.

As GDE & (co-)organiser of Belgian data science/TensorFlow/cloud meetups, Matthias has also some speaking experience for a technical audience.

Jelle Hoedemaekers (Agoria)

Jelle Hoedemaekers is an engineer working on ICT Standardisation at Agoria, with a specific focus on AI. He is guiding Belgian companies in applying ethical AI, and is participating in the development of AI standards internationally within ISO and on a European level in CEN/CENELEC.

Agoria is also actively participating in AI related initiatives in Belgium to promote and develop the sector, and Jelle is providing his expertise on the ethical issues.

Karel Kremer (Oswald )

Karel Kremer is CTO at Oswald chatbots.

Karel is a strong advocate of the human-in-the-loop approach that Oswald takes to chatbots. Indeed, Oswald wants its customers in full control of their chatbots. An Oswald license comes with a full-fledged platform that has everything you need to build, host and maintain your chatbot: a scenario editor, usage statistics, NLP tweaking tools, ... The platform even offers you a view into the bot's brain. To ensure their customers get the most out of their bot, Oswald offers extensive workshops on chatbot best practices as well.

Martijn Cuypers (PwC Belgium)
PwC Belgium

Martijn Cuypers is an insurance director at PwC with more than 15 years of experience as an auditor and consultant within the insurance industry.

Martijn is an expert in governance, risk and regulations and he's responsible for the center of expertise related to the Insurance Data Management services in PwC Belgium.

Hugo Pires (PwC Belgium)
PwC Belgium

Hugo Pires is a senior manager at PwC focusing on data management and on the risk management of artificial intelligence. Hugo has a strong background in the insurance sector as he worked for +10 years for large insurance players where he held various functions notably as internal auditor and strategist.

UCLL - University College Leuven Limburg

Paul Valckenaers is a Senior Researcher at UCLL, with over 30 years of experience as a researcher with KU Leuven and UCLL. Paul participated in 10+ EU projects as the main participant for KU Leuven and UCLL.

Paul currently develops digital twins for smart energy in the Horizon 2020 project STORY addressing in-depth interoperability. In addition, Paul is elaborating digital twins for manufacturing and inland shipping for UCLL in cooperation with KU Leuven.

He is the author of "Design for the unexpected". Paul is an experienced presenter and lecturer.

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