IP Telephony (Voice over IP)
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    IP Telephony (Voice over IP)

    A Vendor-Independent Technology and Market Overview

      10 November 2005 (14-21)
      Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
      Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

      Presented in English


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    Why this seminar?

    While the VoIP (Voice over IP) hype for the consumer market is in full swing (e.g. look at all the hype about the acquisition of Skype by eBay), we're post-hype in the corporate market. Many companies and public institutions are announcing or implementing large-scale migrations, and for new greenfield situations, Voice over IP is a no-brainer. The advantages of scalability, usage of one single network for Voice and Data and easier maintenance outweigh any remaining doubt about sound quality, service level and robustness.

    However, also for companies with an existing telephony infrastructure, IP telephony is an option. Growth in work force, relocation, setting up new branches, all of this can be the trigger to implement a mixed VoIP-PABX solution.
    And last but not least: the convergence of Voice and Data enables new functionality: flexible solutions for mobile workers, "intelligent" phones (as a device or software-based) that are capable of handling metadata and application logic, and the integration of phone calls as just another data-input stream for CRM or ERP-like applications.

    But decisions about corporate telephony aren't taken overnight: users do not accept the slightest glitch when it's about telephony (compare this with software applications, where failures seem to be taken for granted!). Vendor choice will determine your strategy for the coming years, and, as always with young technologies, there's the risk of expensive proprietary systems lacking long-term prospects.

    This is why we have set up a vendor-independent seminar that includes a thorough overview of the technology and its opportunities, and considerations on product and strategic choices. A real-life case-study will illustrate the issues at stake.

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