Content Management Workshop

Content Management Workshop

Highly interactive 1-day workshop with Bob Boiko, the author of "Content Management Bible"

5 December 2005 (10-18)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
Presented in English
Price: 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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 Learning Objectives

Why this workshop?

A systems integrator we recently heard said "All too often Portals are the question, but Content Management is the answer." Companies may be seduced by slick looking interfaces that promise to deliver you the information you need at a glance, or at most with one search query.
Often, companies buy-in to the CM vendor story as well; that keeping a website or intranet coherent and up to date is as easy as uploading the umpteenth press release via a simple web interface.

Some of the most important problems in project have much more to do with content than technology, and with organization and communication rather than with CM product features. Questions such as the following keep project leaders awake at night:

  • How will I get and sustain adequate support and resources for my system?
  • How do I get people to contribute?
  • How do I get them to understand how to scope and divide their content, and write in a way that can be reused in different media?
  • How do I convert legacy content?
  • How do I prepare and model the flow of content between people and systems and how do I communicate this?
  • ...

A lot of these problems could be avoided by better preparation, modeling the flow, and communication within your organization.

These and other questions will be discussed during our 1-day Content Management Workshop with Bob Boiko. Bob has more than 20 years experience helping organizations to create, manage, and distribute their content more efficiently. He will present a number of valuable concepts and practices and illustrate them in real-life exercises. The workshop is CMS-system independent, but the insight you gain, will help you to better make decisions on any CMS you decide to build or buy.

Included in the workshop is Bob's "Content Management Bible", targeted background-material and an exercises book compiled by Bob Boiko.

Who should attend this seminar ?

  • Portal and intranet project managers: if content turned out to be an issue in your project (getting and keeping it up to date, motivating people to contribute, conversion of "legacy" content..., consistency and reuse of information...)
  • Information architects, Content Management people (the "librarians" of your company). They are the people responsible for how different types of information (texts and text fragments, documents, structured information, email) are handled, what they need to consist of, how and which metadata is added, reuse strategies, how information is made retrievable via search and navigation systems.
  • Knowledge management responsibles, who search for efficient ways to organize and store the knowledge of employees into manageable chunks of text in order to make it transferable to colleagues.

 Full Programme

Registration and Coffee/Tea

Part 1 - Designing a Content Strategy

In the first part of this seminar, you will build a business case for your system that has the best chance of getting you support from the organization. Whether you are just beginning a project or already into it, this exercise will assure that your project stays on the firmest possible footing. Your business case will not only focus on the need for content management based on the size of the problem but more importantly on the business benefits that a system can bring your organization.

In conjunction with the business case, we will build a high-level user-centered design for the system. This design assures that the system delivers the exact content that your users want and not simply what you have.

The business case and user design form the core of a content strategy that shows how you will use a CMS to bring real value to your organization and your users. You will choose your own or another organization and work on it throughout the day. By the end of the day you can know for sure what sort of system you should build or where to go next with the system you are now building.

Forming a Strategy

Learn how to work your way to clear, sharp statements of what your system will do for your organization and for your users. You will learn:

  • What information has to do with your organization’s goals.
  • How to decide what users (audiences) you want to serve information to.
  • How to make sure your audiences can help you meet your goals.
  • What types of information you need to give to your audiences to help you meet your goals.
  • What sort of Web sites and other publications your audiences need from you.
  • How to form strategic triples which concisely state your content strategy.
  • How to perform a basic audit of your competitor’s Web sites to determine what, if any, CM practices they are using and to gather a set of best practices for your own system.

Coffee/Tea break
Promoting a Strategy

Learn how to promote the strategy you have created. We will use the ideas you have generated throughout the day as a springboard to discuss the ways you might gather or solidify support for your initiative.

  • Explore the idea of a mandate and sponsor.
  • Learn the processes and deliverables associated with organizational “buy-in” and support.
  • Determine risks and roadblocks
  • Chart a promotion plan that you can begin on immediately.

Part 2 - Information Architecture and Modeling

This part of the day will focus on the design and technology of information. You will learn some of the mechanics of information you need to deliver the strategy you have previously defined.

If you want to manage a lot of information you will need structured content. If you want that content to be findable by your users, your will need structured content. Finally, if you want the management and delivery of the information to be automated, you will need strong technology. During this day, we will work through many of the tools and techniques you need to structure information and automate its delivery.

Content Modeling

Learn the basics of how to create the structure that holds together your information.

  • Get a non technical introduction to XML, XSLT, and schemas
  • Learn how to create a content domain statement that helps you control what content you have to manage.
  • Work through a basic model of one or more of your information types.
  • Work through a basic transformation of one of your content types into a Web page
Coffee/Tea break
Taxonomies, Vocabularies and other Access Structures

Learn how to create the information structures that are the basis for your management and your user’s navigation.

  • Learn the 4 basic ways of organizing information
  • Learn how to create taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies
  • Describe some of the access structures that your content needs
  • Learn the role of metadata sets such as the Dublin Core.
Conclusions and Reflections on the Workshop


Bob Boiko (Metatorial Services)

Bob Boiko is founder and president of Metatorial Services Inc. He has almost 20 years of experience creating Web, hypertext, and multimedia systems and tools for some of the world's top technology corporations (including Microsoft, Motorola, and Boeing).

Author of software guides, technical papers, columns, magazine articles, and the book "Content Management Bible," Bob is a well known writer and commentator. Bob is internationally known for his lectures and workshops.

Bob has extensive expertise in content and knowledge management, authoring, multimedia design, Web publishing, and tool construction. He has undergraduate degrees in physics and oceanography and a graduate degree in human communication.

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