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  • Eye on IT
    Eye on IT is the free on-line magazine of I.T. Works and with thousands of subscribers in over 50 countries. This newsletter analyzes the new developments, products, trends, ... in information technology (IT), e-commerce and e-business in general. If you want to receive more specific information on trends and new developments in e.g. application development, ASP, CRM, data warehousing, ERP, knowledge management, Linux, Microsoft, security, technology stocks, telecom, XML, ...
  • Eye on Business Applications
    News and views about ERP, CRM, data warehousing, e-business, ... solutions
  • Eye on Information Management
    News and views about data / content / knowledge management, portals/intranets, e-mail management, search, collaboration, workflow, ...
  • Eye on IT Infrastructure
    News and views about operating systems (mainly Windows and Linux), storage solutions, server-based computing, utility, grid and on-demand computing, ...
  • Eye on Mobile
    News and views about mobile & wireless technology and devices, RFID, Bluetooth, VOIP, Telecom, ...
  • Eye on Security
    News and views about security, viruses, worms, phishing, ...
  • Eye on Software Development
    News & views about Java/J2EE, .NET, agile methods, EAI, Web services, XML, ...


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