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Enterprise Portals & Intranets

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Enterprise Portals are applications that enable companies to unlock internally and externally stored information and provide users a single gateway to personalized information needed to make informed business decisions.

  • Article: Gartner Ranks Portals - Leaders are mainly from infrastructure/application server and enterprise applications worlds; new entrant in leader box.
  • Article: Sun offers peek at its portal play - Sun and Altio are going to further develop a presentation-layer Java/XML platform architecture.

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  • Enterprise Information Portals special - Northern Light's excellent collection of links to articles, white papers, vendors, etc
  • Intranet Road Map - The Intranet Road Map is an intranet guide, portal and tutorial for those creating a corporate intranet or those wanting to improve an existing intranet.
  • Search Tools: Information, Guides and News - This site provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology.
  • Infoconomy - Enterprise Information Portals - a wide range of resources to provide indepth analysis and information
  • Intranet Resource at Microsoft TechNet - resources to help you deploy, maintain, and support your intranet

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  • Magic Quadrant: Visionaries Invade the 2003 Search Engine Magic Quadrant - More visionaries, two leaders (Autonomy and Verity) and several niche vendors address enterprises' needs for locating information. New vendors in the perennially volatile search engine market contribute to price pressure, confusion and variety.
  • Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology, 2005 - Information access technology includes and expands on what Gartner previously called "enterprise search technology." A new vendor has emerged in the Leader's quadrant, and some vendors have moved, based on market dynamics and changes in how we weight some of the criteria.
  • uPortal - an open source Java-based portal framework - uPortal is an open source Java, XML, XSL portal framework of the Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG)
  • Case Study: How IBM's own Intranet / eWorkplace is a boon for the organisation - IBM's Turnaround and the Intranet: A New Relationship with Employees (PDF)
  • Pakket-evalutie MS SPS, Oracle Portal, Luminis, Java System Portal Server, Uportal, Sap Enterprise Portal(Dutch) - Rapport als resultaat van vergelijkende studie door Argitek.nl voor het gebruik van portals en cms systemen in het Nederlands hoger onderwijs.

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  • Case study: wiki as a bank intranet - Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein uses the wikitool Socialtext. The following case study points to the near-future of simple collaboration in the enterprise.
  • Article: Keeping your intranet healthy and effective - This article outlines a range of approaches which can help to ensure that your intranet remains healthy and effective. Few of these involve large expenditure, instead they focus on putting in place viable processes that guarantee intranet viability.
  • White Paper: Intranet Usability: The Trillion-Dollar Question (Alertbox Nov. 2002) - The average mid-sized company could gain $5 million per year in employee productivity by improving its intranet design to the top quartile level of a cross-company intranet usability study. The return on investment? One thousand percent or more.
  • Article: Introduction to Enterprise Portals - Why they Benefit IT and the Business - This article covers the enterprise portal space and the problems that portals solve. I will discuss application integration, security consolidation, content aggregation, and collaboration. This content is aimed at CIOs, IT architects, and IT management.
  • Article: Dashboard: Sizing Up the Survivors in a Competitive Portal Hothouse - The independent portal market, so promising in the mid-90s, appears to be dead. With a few exceptions, infrastructure vendors like BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sun dominate today's portal market. What happened?

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