" BI and Data Analytics Summit - 11th of June 2020 - Info for Sponsors


Info for Sponsors

Information for Sponsors of the #BIDASUMMIT:


On the 11th of June 2020, we organise the Second Annual "BI and Data Analytics Summit" in Belgium, covering many aspects of Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, Data Virtualisation, Cloud BI, Data Architecture, Datawarehouse Modeling, ... We bring you an ambitious programme with 2 keynote speakers, and 2 parallel tracks with 6 interesting presentations per track.

In 2019, we had 75 participants at this summit, by having a high-quality programme, maintaining a low entrance fee, and focusing on modern and applied business intelligence. Like last year, our target audience consists of business intelligence and data warehousing specialists, data and information analysts, data and information architects, BI project leaders, data-driven application developers, ... During this conference, you have the opportunity to bring your company to the attention of this highly targeted and interested audience.

As a sponsor, you get:

  • an exhibition booth on the conference day in the coffee/tea and lunch room, that will be visited by all participants
  • your logo and company name on the website with a hyperlink to you own site
  • you are mentioned in the massive email and social media communication
  • 2 free participations for the conference

The price for an exhibition booth is 2500 euro (excl. VAT). The number of sponsors is limited, and we aim at a large diversity in sponsors.

We would like to know if you are interested in sponsoring the Belgian Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Summit (#BIDASUMMIT). You can always try to call/email/skypen/zoom me if you have any questions, or you can fill in the form below: