Trustworthy & Ethical AI - 13th of February 2020 - Info for Sponsors

Trustworthy & Ethical AI - 13th of February 2020 - Info for Sponsors


Information for Sponsors of the Trustworthy & Ethical AI Conference:


On the 13th of February 2020, we organise the " Trustworthy & Ethical AI Conference " in Belgium. During this one-day conference on Trustworthy AI, we look at strategies, guidelines and technologies for building trust and explainability into the AI solutions of the future. For many critical applications like recruitment, lending, credit scoring, education, health care, housing, safety, ..., people will question automated "black box" solutions how they come to their conclusion, and whether these are unbiased, ethical and trustworthy.

This conference will address both the problems and the solutions, the opportunities and the challenges of trustworthy AI solutions. Topics at this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • human-centric AI business cases,
  • toolkits and algorithms for interpretable and explainable machine learning models
  • storytelling AI solutions and managing expectations,
  • data privacy and protection issues in AI and machine learning,
  • what GDPR says about automated decision making,
  • detecting and preventing bias,
  • the upcoming laws and regulations of AI and robotics,
  • ethics in autonomous systems,
  • etc

We have an ambitious programme with 2 keynote speakers (plenary, one big room), and 2 parallel tracks with 5 interesting presentations per track.

We aim at having 50+ participants per track. To accomplish this, we have a high-quality programme, we maintain a low entrance fee (currently 450 euro, going up to 650 euro). Our target audience consists of business and IT decision makers, in particular AI and machine learning consultants, analysts, developers, ...

During this conference, you have the opportunity to bring your company to the attention of this highly targeted and interested audience. As a sponsor, you get:

  • an exhibition booth on the conference day in the coffee/tea and lunch room, that will be visited by all participants
  • your logo and company name on the website with a hyperlink to you own site
  • you are mentioned in the massive email and social media communication
  • 3 free participations for the conference

The price for an exhibition booth is 2500 euro (excl. VAT). The number of sponsors is limited, and we aim at a large diversity in sponsors.

We would like to know if you are interested in sponsoring the Belgian Trustworthy & Ethical AI Conference. You can always try to call/email/skypen/zoom me if you have any questions, or you can fill in the form below: