Hotel Sofitel (rebranded as Pullman on 5th of Dec '07) Brussels Airport Diegem near Brussels (Belgium)
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    Hotel Sofitel (rebranded as Pullman on 5th of Dec '07) Brussels Airport Diegem near Brussels (Belgium)

    Bessenveldstraat 15,
    1831 Diegem near Brussels (Belgium)
    phone (02) 713.66.66
    fax (02) 721.43.45

    Hotel Sofitel Brussels Airport is located in Diegem, close to Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)...

    By car

    • Please see below (Lat & Long: 50° 52' , 4° 26' or 50.882 , 4.439)

    The parking of the Sofitel Brussels Airport hotel is no longer free, but the costs associated will be covered by I.T. Works. On entering the parking lot, you take a parking ticket at the dispenser. In exchange for your entry ticket, we'll give you a valid exit ticket when you come and register with us for the seminar.

    By public transport

    If you come by public transport, there are several options:

    • Take bus 272 from the railway/metro station Brussels Noord/Nord to Haacht, ask for "stop Diegem Sofitel". The bus leaves at 7 minutes past the hour (09h07, ... 13h07, ...) and bus ride till Sofitel Diegem takes about 30 minutes in normal traffic).
    • We recommend the Sofitel Airport Shuttle bus from our National Airport (level -1, 12h45, 13h15, 13h45, bus ride takes 20 minutes). Busses stop in front of the hotel.
    • In case of good weather: Diegem train station is at 1km, via Jan-Email Mommaertslaan, Holidaystraat, Bessenveldstraat:

      Brussels Noord-Diegem leaves at 08h59, 09h27, ... 12h57, 13h27, ... and it takes 12 minutes to Diegem.
      Leuven - Diegem leaves at 08h55, 09h23, ... 12h55, 13h23, ... and it takes 26 minutes to Diegem.


    If you are looking for accommodation, please contact the Hotel Sofitel directly (phone: 02/713.66.15, fax: (02) 721.54.60).
    If you mention the I.T. Works event, you get a substantial discount, but their price per night is still approx. 200 EUR pp per night.
    Some of the hotels below are a lot cheaper:

    IBIS Hotel (Bessenveldstraat 17, Diegem, next to the Sofitel, Etap and Formule1 hotels, more info here) Phone: (02) 725.43.21
    Fax:     (02) 725.40.40
    Holiday Inn Brussels Airport (Holidaystraat 7, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: (02) 720.58.65
    Fax:     (02) 720.41.45
    Holiday Inn Express Hotel (Berkenlaan 5, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: (02) 725.33.80
    Fax:     (02) 725.38.10
    Email: (???)
    NH Hotel (De Kleetlaan 14, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: (02) 203.92.52
    Crowne Plaza Hotel (Da VinciLaan 4, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: (02) 725.69.00
    Fax:     (02) 725.50.17
    Formula 1 Hotel (Bessenveldstraat 17a, 1831 Diegem, next to IBIS, Etap and Sofitel, more info) Phone: (02) 725.69.00
    Fax:     (02) 725.50.17
    Email: ???
    Thon Hotel Brussels Airport (previously known as the Rainbow Hotel, Berkenlaan 4, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: (02) 721.77.77
    Fax:     (02) 721.55.96
    Etap Brussels Airport Hotel (Bessenveldstraat 17 C, 1831 Diegem, more info) Phone: 02 709 55 90
    Fax:     02 709 55 95
    ... Suggestions welcome ...


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