Rise of the Robots: Do we Need to Regulate AI and Robotics ?
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    Rise of the Robots: Do we Need to Regulate AI and Robotics ?

    Patrick Van Eecke (DLA Piper) discusses the future of AI and robotics, whether we need regulation, and how governments are looking at this

      20 September 2018 (19.00-20.30h)
      Parker Hotel (Diegem)
      Price: 0 EUR

      Presented in English by Patrick Van Eecke

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    What is the purpose of this meetup?

    On the 20th of September, we organise the annual event The Future of IT (9.30-17.30h). During this special and unique event, we have selected various thought leaders in digital business and IT (like Peter Hinssen, Jan Henderyckx, Ron Tolido and others) to talk about emerging trends, technologies, tools, techniques, and give you plenty of advice, tips and tricks to tackle the future.

    Following the conference, at 19h00, we offer a presentation and discussion on the regulation of artificial intelligence and robotics by top lawyer and top speaker Patrick Van Eecke (DLA Piper).

    If you are a business or an IT decision maker who is interested in the future of IT, the IT profession and digital business in general, don't miss this unique and special event on the 20th of September 2018. Please check out both the full-day conference and the evening meetup.

    SPONSORING Opportunities

    If you are interested in sponsoring this event, the meetup, the networking buffet or cooperating with us to make this event even bigger, please contact us. Together, we can look at ways to increase your visibility and to generate leads, but always within strict "content is king" and "privacy is key" boundaries.

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