Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Applied Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Best practices to develop EA artifacts in a manner that links strategy, business and technology

8-12 October 2007 (10-18)
Location: Crowne Plaza Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)
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Price: 3000 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Full Programme:
9.30h - 10.00h
Registration and coffee/tea
  Based on the book, which you should have read before this workshop:

An Introduction To Enterprise Architecture (Paperback)

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Start of each workshop day

This programme is spread over 5 days, from 10h00 till 18h00, with a lunch around 13h00. Our speaker, John Gøtze, will be present from 9h30 in case you have specific questions.

This course builds upon knowledge and skills learned in the CMU-ISRI Fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture course by focusing on how to apply those concepts through a class-wide architecture project that develops a web-based EA repository and integrated set of basic EA artifacts. This course is based on Scott Bernard's "An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture" book, which you should have read prior to attending this course.

These artifacts will document/model strategic initiatives and measures; business requirements for processes and services; and supporting technology solutions including information systems, applications, databases, websites, networks, security, and standards. The course will also cover best practices to develop EA artifacts in a manner that promotes linkage between the strategic, business, and technology.

  • Day 1: Strategy Day. Introduction to the course and the case study that will be used throughout the workshop. Architectural Drivers and Overall Principles. How to build strategy artifacts.
  • Day 2: Scoping Day. Exercises on Implementation, Requirements and Scope. How to build high-level (from a business perspective) artifacts.
  • Day 3: Classification Day. Defining the enterprise: mappings of frameworks and architectures. How to build business-data-systems artifacts.
  • Day 4: Blueprinting Day. Current and future architectures. Future architecture drivers. Segment prioritization. Reviewing detailed artifacts.
  • Day 5: Actionable Transformation Day. Stakeholder requirements. Livable architecture. Sequencing plan. Consolidated principles.

End of each workshop day

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The number of participants is limited to 16 for maximum interaction and learning experience.

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