Open Source Business Intelligence

Open Source Business Intelligence

Open source alternatives for your BI stack, with an overview of the market, cost/benefits and pitfalls

3 December 2009 (14-21h)
Location: Pullman Diegem (Diegem)
Presented in English by
Price: 590 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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 Learning Objectives

Why should you attend this open source business inteligence seminar ?

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Low Cost, High Value ? - Open Source oplossingen voor Business Intelligence

Every day, a growing number of organizations are attracted by the promise of Open Source software: low-cost full-featured solutions that will help drive down the total cost of ownership of an IT infrastructure. Software like Linux, OpenOffice, MySQL and Firefox are considered mainstream solutions nowadays and are being widely adopted.

But how about solutions for Business Intelligence ? Are BI Suites like Pentaho or JasperSoft already mature enough to compete with the established proprietary vendors ? Can MySQL be used as an analytical or a Data Warehouse database and if not, which alternatives are available ? Which open source business intelligence tools are available for reporting, OLAP, analytics, corporate performance management, ... ? What are the costs and pitfalls that you should take into account ?

Business Intelligence for long was a privilege of large corporations who could reap the benefits of these solutions thanks to their abundant software acquisition budgets. Organizations looking for BI tools mainly looked for the market leading products from Business Objects, Cognos, IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Oracle, SAS and the likes. The last couple of years, we witnessed various developments to make BI solutions accessible to a much broader audience. Think of vendors like Oracle and, most notably, Microsoft who added BI functionality to their existing database and office software, thus lowering the threshold for acquiring and implementing BI software. An even more important development is the rise of a collection of Open Source BI tools and suites, including various professional organizations who can implement and support a complete Open Source BI stack.

The Open Source revolution is led by the adoption of Linux, Open Office and MySQL, but the same thing is happening with JasperSoft and Pentaho, the two leading commercial open source BI vendors. The key question here is: do the established closed source vendors really offer more and better functionality, quality and support, or are you mainly paying for their expensive marketing and sales organizations? This seminar will give you the required knowledge to be able to validate the different available solutions.It will also answer the question whether the adoption and implementation of Open Source BI within your organization is advisable, and it shows you the best way to accomplish this.

This seminar not only gives you a complete and realistic overview of the Open Source BI market, but also shows you how mature the various parts of the BI stack are and how they can best be applied in a new or existing BI infrastructure. What makes this seminar really unique is the large amount of anecdotes and references to case studies to help you get started right away.

What will you learn at this open source business intelligence seminar ?

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of what Open Source BI is and whether it is a feasible alternative for your own BI challenges
  • Explain how to select the right tools to build, expand or replace a BI stack
  • Show how the leading Open Source BI suites compare to the leading closed source alternatives like Business Objects, Cognos, Microsoft and Oracle
  • Advise you where and how to start implementing OS BI solutions

Who should attend this open source business intelligence seminar ?

This seminar is aimed at everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the evaluation, selection, implementation, support or usage of Business Intelligence in your organization. It will benefit both IT and business people who want to obtain better insight in the feasibility of using open source BI software as part of a corporate infrastructure.

  • BI professionals & consultants
  • IT and BI (project) managers
  • IT Architects
  • DBA's responsible for maintaining BI and DWH solutions
  • IT-oriented Business Analysts

 Full Programme

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Low Cost, High Value ? - Open Source oplossingen voor Business Intelligence

13h30 - 14h00
Registration and networking opportunity with coffee/tea and a sandwich buffet in the Solutions Expo
Start of this Seminar
14h00 - 14h30
Open Source Primer
  • The Open Source promise
  • Definitions & licenses
  • Development model
  • Myths, facts and fables
  • Linux versus Windows
14h30 - 15h00
Open Source BI Overview
  • Business Intelligence introduction
  • The 'BI Stack': components & maturity levels
  • OS BI Suites: JasperSoft, Pentaho and SpagoBI
15h00 - 15h45
Data Warehousing Part 1
  • Data Integration: physical versus virtual
  • Overview ETL market
  • Talend and Kettle: Are they enterprise-ready yet ?
15h45 - 16h15
Coffee/Tea Break with refreshments + Solutions Expo
16h15 - 16h45
Data Warehousing Part 2
  • Open source databases for data warehousing & analytics
  • Data modelling and management, meta- and master data management
  • Alternative ETL solutions (such as LucidDB and IMP:Palo)
  • Business Rules & Realtime BI
  • Open source-based Cloud and SaaS data warehouse offerings
16h45 - 18h00
A Comparison of BI Suites
  • SpagoBI, JasperSoft and Pentaho (incl. demos)
  • Reporting tools compared
  • Eclipse as BI development platform ?
  • The all-in-one Ingres Icebreaker solution
  • Open Source BI compared to MISOS (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and SAS)
  • Mix & match: using Open Source in a closed source architecture
18h00 - 19h15
Dinner + Solutions Expo
19h15 - 20h00
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Analytics
  • Open Source EPM solutions ?
  • OLAP, data mining (such as e.g. Weka) and statistics (such as R)
  • Planning and budgeting
  • OpenOffice as BI tool ?
  • Portals (such as LifeRay) & Dashboards
Implementing Open Source BI
  • The case for OS BI: When and where to apply Open Source solutions
  • Open source BI compared to MISOS (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and SAS)
  • Open BI methodologies: Mike 2.0 & Agile data warehousing
  • Managing risk: OS BI implementation do's and dont's
  • BI is never free: how to calculate the TCO for OS BI ?
  • How to find implementation, support, tailoring partners and required skills in the Benelux ?
  • Getting started: where to begin and how to proceed ?
Summary and Conclusions
  • Analyst perspectives
  • The future of Open Source BI
End of this Seminar


Jos van Dongen (Tholis Consulting)
Tholis Consulting

Jos van Dongen is one of Europe's leading analysts, authors and speakers on Open Source Business Intelligence. Jos has been involved in software development, business intelligence, databases and data warehousing since 1990. During his career, he has gathered experience with nearly all the leading BI tools and databases, and he has successfully implemented BI solutions for a large variety of organisations, both profit and non-profit. In 2003, he started his own BI consultancy company Tholis Consulting and became an independent consultant, trainer and project manager.

Since 2006, he publishes about the new trends in BI and data warehousing in Database Magazine (in Dutch). His articles covering open source BI have been recently revised and published in the book "Low cost, high value ?". Jos is also the co-author of the first book on developing open source BI solutions with Pentaho. This book "Pentaho Solutions" was published by Wiley in August 2009.

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